@Elbinawi Tweets on the Evilness of Western Imperialism:

@Elbinawi Tweets on the Evilness of Western Imperialism:

When the murderous Zionists savages occupy your country & you kick them out, to the arrogant Western imperialists you are a “terriorists”!

This is what happened in #Lebanon. Murderous Zionists savages occupied South Lebanon in 1982. #Hezbollah warriors kicked them out in 2000.

Arrogant Western imperialists tagged d #Hezbollah warriors as “terrorists” for kicking d bloodthirsty Zionists savages out of their country

What d arrogant Western imperialists want is d murderous Zionists savages should remain in #Lebanon raping Lebanese women & killing children

Today the murderous Zionists savages, #ISIS & #AlQaeda can not dare attack #Lebanon because the #Hezbollah #Men_Of_God exist.

Today more than 2 million Lebanese Christians are completely save from all d evils of d savage murderous Wahhabi terrorism b/c of #Hezbollah

Remember, these arrogant Western imperialists once tagged our Great #Mandela as “terrorist” for his opposition to the inhuman White #Racism.

Never be a slave of the greedy Western Imperialism. The Crown on the head of the Queen of England is made up of stolen Indian Diamond.


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