@Elbinawi Tweets on the Unreliability of Tyrant Buhari Saudi Masters:

@Elbinawi Tweets on the Unreliability of Tyrant Buhari Saudi Masters:

Saudi Wahhabi Savages Are Not Reliable:

When the evil Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari slaughtered 1000+ #Shia civilians the Saudi King celebrated.

The Savage Saudi @KingSalman convinced the evil Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari to join the fraudulent military coalition that he formed.

The Saudi despot told the evil Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari that if Nigeria join the coalition there will be weapons and money for #Nigeria.

The evil Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari bundled Nigeria into the Saudi-led coalition but to this day no single bullet or $ for #Nigeria.

Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari and his Wahhabi supporters who worship the Saudi Wahhabi savages think that the Saudi regime will always help them.

The Saudi Wahhabi regime do not help oppressed Arabs of #Palestine & hungry Arabs of #Somalia, is it you Black Africans that they will help?

The @UN warned that 3 countries, Yemen, Somalia & Nigeria, are threatened with famine this year. Two of these countries are Arab countries.

The savage Saudi regime will only give the African Wahhabi savages money 2 spread the evil cult of #Wahhabism 2 produce murderous terrorists

#SaudiArabia, #Qatar, #UAE and other Arab despots only invest in the #US, #UK, #France etc to please their Western imperialist masters.

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