@Elbinawi Tweets on Saudi Dog President Buhari of Nigeria:

@Elbinawi Tweets on Saudi Dog President Buhari of Nigeria:

Evil tyrant @MBuhari murdered 1000+ innocent Shia civilians in Zaria in Dec 2015 then 4 days later celebrated the inhumanity with Saudi King

#ISIS killing Shia civilians
Evil tyrant @MBuhari killing Shia civilians
Both ISIS & mass murderer @MBuhari are dogs of Saudi @KingSalman

#BokoHaram leader threatened Nigerian Shias.
Evil tyrant @MBuhari murdered 1000+ Shia civilians & dumped their dead bodies in mass graves.

#FreeZakzaky from the illegal detention of mass murderer @MBuhari . The Wahhabi tyrant murdered 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky #ZariaMassacre

Nigerians should ask the bloodthirsty Wahhabi savage @MBuhari to unearth the mass graves of the 1000+ Shias he murdered & buried at night.

While in #Iraq & #Syria the #ISIS massacre the innocent & dump bodies in mass graves, in Nigeria @MBuhari massacred 1000+ Nigerians & dumped bodies in Mgraves

God will punish the bloodthirsty Wahhabi savage @MBuhari for the 1000s of innocent Nigerians he murdered & buried in mass graves at night.


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