@Elbinawi Tweets on the New Video of #ISIS Threatening Iran:

@Elbinawi Tweets on the New Video of #ISIS Threatening Iran:

#ISIS Threatened #Iran in New Video:

The #ISIS terrorist group threatened Iran in a rare Farsi-language propaganda video released on Monday

The 36-minute video, entitled “The Farsi Land: From Yesterday ’till Today,” was issued through #ISIS’s social media channels

The #ISIS video chastises #Iran for its tolerance towards #Jews. “Iran raised its slogans against the US and Israel to deceive the Sunnis,

while Iranian Jews live safely in Iran under its protection, & it has provided them with temples and churches as seen in Tehran & Isfahan,”

There is no country in the world today that is destroying the murderous Wahhabi terrorism of #ISIS like #Iran. Iranian weapons destroying IS

Iranian-led block are destroying #ISIS and #AlQaeda in #Syria, #Iraq and #Yemen. #Christians and other minorities are well protected.

Yes there are 1000s of Iranian citizens that are #Jews and #Christians. They are well protected by the Iranian government according to Islam

The Iranian government is never anti-Jews. The Iranian government is opposed to the murderous Zionists occupation of #Palestine.

There are 1000s of #Jews that are opposed to the murderous Zionists occupation of #Palestine.Daily Killings of innocent Palestinians is Evil

Oppressed #Palestinians deserve a life of freedom, dignity and honor. Life of occupation is barbaric and inhuman. We All say #FreePalestine

As for #ISIS threats against #Iran, that is rubbish as even the mother of ISIS which is Saudi Arabia can not threaten Iran. Iran is powerful

In #Iran there are millions of #Men_Of_God who will send the #ISIS savages to Hell where they rightly belong with their #Salafi_Virgins.


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