@Elbinawi Tweets on the Importance of All Human Lives:

@Elbinawi Tweets on the Importance of All Human Lives:

US killed 200 civilians in Iraqi city of Mosul. These civilians wished to be liberated from #ISIS but they were slaughtered by Uncle Sam

If the brutal killings of 200 civilians by the US in Mosul is not terrorism then what is terrorism? 200 children, women and men all killed.

Some apologists will claim “good intention”. But do you think if Mosul is a US city and the people are #Whites, will the US massacre them?

One of d evils of Western Imperialism is dividing humanity into 1st world, 2nd world & 3rd world. This is their bases of judging human lives

To the arrogant Imperialists the lives of those people in the 1st world is “far important” than the lives of Africans & Asians in 3rd world.

The most saddest issue is that some of our African leaders are slaves of Western Imperialism like the bloodthirsty Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari.

Whenever there is terrorism attack in the West President @MBuhari is 1st to condemn it but if 800+ Nigerians are killed in SK he is silent.

To the Westoxicated tyrant like @MBuhari the lives of 4 Europeans (#WestminsterAttack) is more “important” than the lives of 800+ Nigerians.


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