@Elbinawi Tweets on the Peaceful Posture of #IMN:

@Elbinawi Tweets on the Peaceful Posture of #IMN:

Lots of Nigerians are worried that #IMN will resort 2 armed struggle due to the inhuman massacres of President @MBuhari & his murderous gang

But we assured Nigerians that #IMN under the leadership of Sheikh #Zakzaky will remain peaceful. We will outlive the evil tyrant @MBuhari.

Throughout human history no oppression last forever & the evil tyrant @MBuhari is sick & dying. @MBuhari monumental savagery will end oneday

The Nigerian government murdered 6 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky in less than 2 years & evil tyrant @MBuhari is holding him in 15 months detention.

Sheikh #Zakzaky always told us that “Islam is all about saving lives & not destroying them”. President @MBuhari is a savage mass murderer.

Only the favorite agent of Satan like President @MBuhari will murder 1000+ innocent children, women, the aged and men in less than 48 hours.

President @MBuhari & his murderous gang spread lies & fraudulent propaganda against Sheikh #Zakzaky after they killed 1000+ of his followers

But Nigerians saw the positive & civilized behavior of Sheikh #Zakzaky followers after the inhuman slaughter of President @MBuhari in Zaria.

Sheikh #Zakzaky is an epitome of peace and unity in Nigeria. #FreeZakzaky from the illegal detention of mass murderer President @MBuhari

Picture: Skeleton Evil Tyrant Buhari last Friday


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