@Elbinawi Tweets on why @elrufai is betraying President Buhari:

@Elbinawi Tweets on why @elrufai is betraying President Buhari:

@elrufai sends a 30 page memo to @NGRPresident Buhari, in it, he rubbishes the @MBuhari Cabal.
@elrufai is betraying Buhari for 3 reasons:

The first reason is that it is @elrufai’s nature to betray all the people that trusted him. He betrayed @atiku, @ChiefObasanjo etc.

The 2nd reason is that @elrufai saw clearly the @MBuhari administration is failing woefully, he want to jump ship to save himself.

The 3rd reason is that @elrufai attacked the @MBuhari cabal to please the @AsiwajuTinubu camp so that they should consider him for VP slot.

The @elrufai who buried 347 Nigerians alive in a single mass grave during #ZariaMassacre is desperate to remain politically relevant.

The same @elrufai who paid huge sum of money to d murderous terrorists who killed 800+ Nigerians in #SouthernKaduna want to remain relevant.

Nigerians should understand that the best place 4 @elrufai is the #ICC @IntlCrimCourt jail 4 his heinous crimes against innocent Nigerians.


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