@Elbinawi Tweets on the Evilness of #ZariaMassacre of 1000+ Innocent Nigerians:

@Elbinawi Tweets on the Evilness of #ZariaMassacre of 1000+ Innocent Nigerians:

Today Sheikh #Zakzaky have millions of followers in Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon etc through positive reasoning, truth & good conduct.

Millions of Africans follow the Islamic scholar Sheikh #Zakzaky not because they were forced to follow him but out of their own freewill.

The killings & massacres by the evil & wicked Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari will never make the millions of Africans to abandon Sheikh #Zakzaky.

If the evil tyrant President @MBuhari & his murderous Wahhabi gang want to fight Sheikh #Zakzaky let them do it through positive reasoning.

Killings of 1000+ innocent Nigerians by President @MBuhari in Zaria on Dec 2015 was the peak of inhuman savagery & monumental wickedness.

A competent Nigerian Court freed Sheikh #Zakzaky & his wife but the evil tyrant President @MBuhari refused to obey the Court order.

Pres @MBuhari murdered 3 sons of Sheikh #Zakzaky & @elrufai dumped their dead bodies in mass graves.They burnt his 70+ year old sister alive

After killing 3 sons of Sheikh #Zakzaky in #ZariaMassacre President @MBuhari is today holding Sheikh Zakzaky in 15 months illegal detention.

Nigerians should continue to ask this question “Why did @MBuhari, @elrufai & @Buratai_COAS buried 1000+ they murdered in Zaria at night?”


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