@Elbinawi Tweets On Wahhabism Project in Africa:

@Elbinawi Tweets On Wahhabim Project in Africa:

In the 2000 “Shariah” riots in Kaduna we protected the #Christians of my area in Kaduna and negotiated a safe passage for them.

After the riots some #Christians came to my house & asked “my type of #Islam? “. When I left Kaduna in 2001 most Christians left the area.

To this day the bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages accused me of preventing them from doing “final solution” to the then Christians of that area.

The brand of Islam that I was taught by Sheikh #Zakzaky is not the murderous brand of killings & massacres. He taught us to save all lives.

Today there exist a deviant of #Islam that brainwash it followers to only kill, rape and destroy. #Wahhabism inspired all terrorist groups.

The #Islam sent to Prophet Muhammad (sa) is not about kill, rape and destroy. Prophet Muhammad (sa) was sent by God as a Mercy to humanity.

It is a monumental fraud to claim to follow Prophet Muhammad (sa) & not be merciful to all servants of God. #Islam is to serve humanity.

The murderous ideology that inspired murderous terrorism is evil & in #Nigeria & other parts of Africa we are grateful to Sheikh #Zakzaky.

Sheikh #Zakzaky is the biggest obstacle to the Saudi-sponsored #Wahhabism project in #Africa & that is why they want him dead at all cost.

We pray to God to protect Sheikh Zakzaky & free him from the 14 months illegal detention of the Saudi dog @MBuhari. #FreeZakzakyForTreatment


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