@Elbinawi Tweets On Imperialism & Their Propaganda:

@Elbinawi Tweets On Imperialism & Their Propaganda :

1.Do Not Be A Parrot Of Imperialism:

All the MainStream Media are controlled by Western imperialism who seek to control world resources.

2.There was a time when the US/UK regimes considered SA #ANC & Nelson Mandela as “terrorists” but 2 them the Racists in SA are not terrorist

3.If you are an imperialist Parrot then the #ANC freedom fighters & Nelson Mandela are “terrorist” while the evil Racists are not terrorist.

4.In #Africa the same US/UK regimes overthrew Patrice Lumumba of Congo & imposed their dog Mobutu who will facilitate looting resources.

5.Do not equate truth with the positions of the arrogant & greedy US/UK imperialism. Set truth as the standard & you will know its followers

6.Do not equate Truth with d White race. In d 1800+ Germany murdered 100,000+ Africans in Namibia. To this day that area is scanty populated

7.Late Nelson Mandela had good relations with #Iran. The West said “why?” He told them when you considered us “terrorist” Iran supported us

8.The Late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela reduced poverty in that country by more than 60% but the US/UK regimes hated him so much to this day.

9.Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari thought if he become subservient 2 Western imperialism they will return Nigerian looted funds.To this day nothing

10.Read history & learn its lessons so that you do not repeat the mistakes of past histories. Two-third of #Quran is history

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