@Elbinawi Tweets On Murderous Terrorism in the name of Islam:

@Elbinawi Tweets On Murderous Terrorism in the name of Islam:

Terrorism in the name of #Islam:

Any ideology that inspired murderous terrorism is evil and such terrorism starts with hate mongering.

#Wahhabism is a deviant ideology from Islam that today inspired all the murderous terrorist groups killing the innocent in the name of Islam

Murderous terrorist Groups such as #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram, #Taliban, #Shabbab etc are all inspired by the Saudi-sponsored #Wahhabism.

#Wahhabism infiltrated & contaminated Sunni Islam with hate, intolerance & terrorism but they deceived Sunnis that they are “Lion” of Sunnah

The overwhelming majority of all those killed by ISIS, AlQaeda, BokoHaram were #Sunnis but Wahhabis will claim they are “protecting” Sunnis.

It is important that we understand the relationship between these murderous terrorist groups, the Saudi Wahhabi regime & Western imperialism

#Muslims must understand that hate, intolerance and murderous terrorism will never bring the much needed progress and development.

Murderous Wahhabi terrorism will only bring senseless deaths, massive destruction and backwardness to #Muslim countries and communities.

Today Muslims are backward in all indices of development but what occupy the minds of bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages is to kill and to destroy


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