@Elbinawi Tweets on Why Wahhabis are praying for President @MBuhari:

@Elbinawi Tweets on Why Wahhabis are praying for President @MBuhari:

Whenever a #Muslim becomes President in #Nigeria the Wahhabi lobbyists will tell him:
“Kill Zakzaky”
“Kill Shias”
“Destroy Husseiniya”

The aspirations of followers of murderous Wahhabi cult in Nigeria is not good governance or peaceful coexistence. What they want is killings

#Wahhabism is all about hate, intolerance & murderous terrorism. When @MBuhari became @NGRPresident that was Wahhabi messages to him.

The lobbying of Nigerian Wahhabis to @MBuhari to attack #IMN was the same with the evil imperialist agenda that has Saudi regime as a front

On 12th December, 2015, President @MBuhari sent heavily-armed soldiers to Zaria to attack #IMN centers & slaughter innocent Nigerians.

When the dust finally settled more than one thousand Nigerian civilians were slaughtered by the @HQNigerianArmy “for blocking road”.

4 days after the #ZariaMassacre, Saudi @KingSalman who is the leader of Global Wahhabism called @MBuhari to celebrate the inhuman Massacre.

And followers of #Wahhabism in Nigeria & the world over celebrated the brutal slaughter of Nigerians & bodies dumped in mass graves.

Today Wahhabis are praying for @MBuhari’s health not because he fixed the economy but because he slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians for them.


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