@Elbinawi Tweets on the criminal Midget @elrufai:

@Elbinawi Tweets on the criminal Midget @elrufai:

Sadly despite @GovKaduna @elrufai mischievous propaganda the killings in #SouthernKaduna continue. Nigerians deserve a better life

The money @GovKaduna @elrufai paid the terrorists enabled them to buy sophisticated weapons & continue killing Nigerians. #SouthernKaduna

With the #ZariaMassacre & #SouthernKaduna genocide, @GovKaduna @elrufai is a threat to the peace & security of not only Kaduna but #Nigeria.

@GovKaduna @elrufai confessed to the kangaroo JCI he created that he helped @HQNigerianArmy buried 347 children, women & men in a mass grave

The same @GovKaduna @elrufai told the world that he paid the murderous terrorists killing Nigerians in #SouthernKaduna huge sum of money.

@GovKaduna @elrufai is not only a bloodthirsty Wahhabi Savage #ZariaMassacre but a dangerous religious bigot #SouthernKaduna killings.

We call on the #ICC @IntlCrimCourt to speed up the indictment of the wicked, evil & bloodthirsty Wahhabi Savage @GovKaduna @elrufai.


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