@Elbinawi Tweets on Nigerian Muslims:

@Elbinawi Tweets on Nigerian Muslims:

Nigerian Muslims:

One sad thing about some Nigerian Muslims is that they blindly worship the inhuman bloodthirsty Savages of Saudi Arabia.

Some Nigerian Muslims like the semi-illiterate President @MBuhari take the despotic Saudi @KingSalman as a Demi-God who must be obeyed.

When president @MBuhari murdered 1000+ Nigerians #ZariaMassacre in the most inhuman manner the Saudi @KingSalman called him to celebrate.

In Black Africa only Nigerian Muslims like president @MBuhari will slaughter his African brothers & sisters for Arab Savages to celebrate.

Savages like President @MBuhari & @elrufai are ignorant of the fact that #Islam is never an Arab religion. Islam was sent from God 4 humanity.

Since the start of the murderous #BokoHaram insurgency in 2008, No single Arab country have helped #Nigeria & Nigerians. @MBuhari @elrufai

More than 2 million Nigerians mostly Muslims were displaced due to BokoHaram, No single Arab country send a bag of rice to feed them.

Yet our Muslim leaders like President @MBuhari are slaves of these inhuman Arab Savages who have turned slaughter of d innocent into an art.

Murderous terrorism like #ISIS & #BokoHaram is un-African. We are Africans & our ancestors are not bloodthirsty murderers of the innocent.

Murderous Wahhabi terrorism is an Arab creation then let’s leave them to bear with it consequences since they created that monumental evil.

SaudiArabia that pump 10 million barrels of Crude Oil daily does not have a single investment in Nigeria.They only fund d cult of #Wahhabism

Nigerians are tired of these senseless killings. Whether it is the bloodthirsty tyrant @MBuhari killing Nigerians or d murderous terrorists.

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