The Lies and Projections of Dishonest, Low-IQ Buhari Automatons

Prof Farooq Kperogi wrote:

The Lies and Projections of Dishonest, Low-IQ Buhari Automatons

It was Sigmund Freud who first put forward a psychological concept called “projection.” It’s an ego defense mechanism which disposes people to attribute to others unconscious (positive and negative) traits and emotions that dwell in them.

So people who are compulsive liars usually accuse others of lying even if they are telling the truth. People who have no capacity for altruism, who are self-serving narcissists, can’t understand that anyone can criticize an incompetent, clueless, bungling, unprepared, lying, propagandistic government without ulterior motives. They project their immorality, ethical deficiencies, ethno-regional and religious anxieties onto others.

First they said I criticize Buhari because I am miffed that I didn’t get an appointment from him. That’s projection at work. I’ve denied this since 2015, but they never stop to repeat it. I never desired a job with Buhari’s government. Not for a split second. Nigerian elites’ ultimate goal in life is to visit the West for vacation, medical tourism, and to send their children to school there. Our president is one great example. Well, I live there. At the risk of sounding arrogant, taking a job with a Nigerian government would represent an uncomfortable material demotion for me and my family.

Then they said my criticisms were inspired by an agenda to pave the way for a Saraki presidency in 2019. When I came down hard on Saraki in my column and called him the vilest anathema to afflict Kwara State, they were confused.

Then they said, oh, it is actually Atiku Abubakar who is “sponsoring” me. Well, let me say it here that Atiku, to me, is one of the most despicable politicians to ever walk the corridors of power in Nigeria. I would rather be dead than campaign for Atiku. An Atiku presidency would be like jumping from Buhari’s frying pan to a blazing fire.

They also say I am a Shia who can’t forgive Buhari for countenancing the mass murder of Shia Muslims in Zaria. Again, that’s not true. I have stated many times that I’m not Shia, although there is nothing wrong with being one. It’s a choice. No Shia Muslim I know denies being one. I condemned the mass slaughter of Shia Muslims because they are first of all human beings before they are anything else.

There is absolutely no ulterior motive behind my criticisms of Buhari’s inept, clannish, and nepotistic government. No one in the world is rich enough to buy my conscience. None at all! It’s not because I am rich; it’s because I treasure my independence and cherish integrity.


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