@Elbinawi Tweets on President @MBuhari health condition:

@Elbinawi Tweets on President @MBuhari health condition:


If President @MBuhari is not patriotic enough to resign due to his poor health condition then the @NGRSenate should impeach him.

#Nigeria as a nation is bigger than President @MBuhari & his cabal of desperate looters & mass-murderers of innocent Nigerians. @NGRSenate

#Nigeria is a great nation of 180 million Africans & President @MBuhari should act responsibly for once & resign. @NGRSenate @ProfOsinbajo

The Nigerian economy is in deep recession & inflation is very high. #Nigeria needs a healthy leader not sick & old @MBuhari. @NGRSenate

President @MBuhari should concentrate on his worsening health condition & should not be burden with the huge #Nigerian problems. @NGRSenate

Deep recession #Nigeria should not have a leader that will go for indefinite medicine vacation. @NGRSenate should act in national interest.

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