@Elbinawi Tweets to Nigerian Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

@Elbinawi Tweets to Nigerian Acting President @ProfOsinbajo:

This thread of Tweets is address to the Nigerian Acting President @ProfOsinbajo on the inhuman & brutal #ZariaMassacre of 12-14th Dec 2015.

Good morning Sir (@ProfOsinbajo),
My name is Harun Elbinawi @ELBINAWI, an Activist. I am a member of IMN under leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky.

@ProfOsinbajo As a Nigerian you must have heard of the inhuman slaughter of 1000+ Nigerian civilians by d @HQNigerianArmy 4 “road blocking!”

@ProfOsinbajo Before I go into d brutal #ZariaMassacre of defenseless Nigerians, let me give you an introduction to divisions within #Islam.

@ProfOsinbajo Just like you have Catholics & Protestants in #Christianity, that is how we have #Sunni & #Shia division in #Islam.

@ProfOsinbajo While in Christianity you have succeeded over the years in managing the sectarian division, in Islam there are still tension.

@ProfOsinbajo In Christianity you do not have an evil cancer like #Wahhabism that is an imperialist tool to destroy Muslim unity at all cost

@ProfOsinbajo For your information Sir, the murderous #Wahhabism is the evil ideology that inspired #BokoHaram, #ISIS, #AlQaeda, Taliban etc

@ProfOsinbajo All the murderous terrorist groups in the world that are killing the innocent in the name of Islam are inspired by #Wahhabism.

@ProfOsinbajo Then let’s return to #ZariaMassacre. Sheikh #Zakzaky is an anti-imperialist, anti-Zionism & anti-Wahhabism Islamic scholar.

@ProfOsinbajo Sheikh #Zakzaky is a strong advocate of not only #Muslim unity but the unity of the oppressed humanity for emancipation.

@ProfOsinbajo Imperialism & their agents in Nigeria have put pressure on past successive Nigerian govts to attack IMN & kill Sheikh Zakzaky.

@ProfOsinbajo Past Nigerian governments refused but they used to arrest Sheikh #Zakzaky & his followers & imprisoned them on many occasions.

@ProfOsinbajo Then your boss @MBuhari accepted 2 implement d evil imperialist agenda & the only “reason” they can muster is “road blocking”.

@ProfOsinbajo Just 4 “road blocking” President @MBuhari sent the @HQNigerianArmy & they slaughtered 1000+ Nigerians in less than 48 hours.

@ProfOsinbajo After President @MBuhari, @elrufai & @HQNigerianArmy massacred these Nigerians, they dumped their dead bodies in mass graves.

@ProfOsinbajo Then President @MBuhari & @elrufai abducted the survivors of the #ZariaMassacre & charged them to court with Trump-up charges.

@ProfOsinbajo More than 1000 Nigerian children, women, men & the aged were murdered by @MBuhari & @elrufai by the use of the @HQNigerianArmy

@ProfOsinbajo D @HQNigerianArmy killed 3 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky,killed his young Nephew & burnt his 70+ year-old sister alive #ZariaMassacre

@ProfOsinbajo Despite all these tragedies on Sheikh Zakzaky, tyrant @MBuhari is holding him in illegal detention for more than 13 months.

@ProfOsinbajo A Federal High Court in Abuja freed Sheikh Zakzaky & his wife in Dec but d wicked tyrant @MBuhari have refused to obey d court

@ProfOsinbajo #IMN as a peaceful & Law-abiding organization went to court both in #Nigeria & the #ICC @IntlCrimCourt to seek redress.

I give you @ProfOsinbajo the benefit of doubt & do not include you in the evil imperialist agenda that executed the inhuman #ZariaMassacre.

Millions of Nigerians that included my humble self ask you, Acting President @ProfOsinbajo, to obey the Nigerian Court order & #FreeZakzaky


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