@Elbinawi Tweets on #IStandWithNigeria:

@Elbinawi Tweets on #IStandWithNigeria:

If you stand with @MBuhari you donot love all Nigerians. Buhari is busy killing some Nigerians b/c he hates them.

President @MBuhari murdered 1000+ Shia #children, women, men & the aged & dumped their dead bodies in mass graves.

President @MBuhari is busy killing peaceful #IPOB youths & dumped their dead bodies in mass graves. @MBuhari is Evil.

The Evil President @MBuhari was silent when foreign terrorists are killing Nigerians in #Agatu, #SouthernKaduna etc.

Evil president @MBuhari plunged the economy into deep recession, #Nigerians are suffering & dying of hunger. Please say #IStandWithNigeria

It is a fraudulent deception that President @MBuhari is “fighting” corruption. @MBuhari cronies uses the #CBN forex. #IStandWithNigeria

Babachir Lawal, @MBuhari’s SFG & crony, uses N200 million just to cut Grass for the #IDPs. Please ask Senator @shehusani. #IStandWithNigeria

Terrorists killing defenseless Nigerians in #SouthernKaduna & no soldiers sent by @MBuhari.But he sent soldiers 2 Gambia. #IStandWithNigeria

Is it possible that an economy full of corruptn is better than an economy w/out corruptn? @MBuhari is leader of thieves. #IStandWithNigeria

@MBuhari’s govt in summary:abject poverty, hunger, high inflation, massacres, Grass Cutter gang, Mass Graves collectors.. #IStandWithNigeria


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