@Elbinawi Tweets on spread of #Islamophobia in Nigeria:

@Elbinawi Tweets on spread of #Islamophobia in Nigeria:

Promoting & propagating #Islamophobia is a global agenda of Global #Zionism.Sadly I saw some Nigerians frm d Southeast promoting this agenda

Accusing #Islam for the crimes of murderous criminals like @MBuhari, @elrufai, @Buratai_COAS etc is evil as these criminals donot rep Islam

The fact that @MBuhari & @Buratai_COAS recently failed to differentiate the diffs btw Shekau Quran & Sahih_Buhari underlined their ignorance

Governor @elrufai’s payment to murderous terrorists killing Nigerians in #SouthernKaduna is evil & donot represent #Islam.

Murderous Bandits are killing Muslims in Zamfara state as more than 200 Nigerians were murdered by these bandits & girls & women abducted.

It is the agenda of Global #Zionism to spread hate of #Islam & attribute crimes & atrocities of murderous terrorists they created to Islam.

When former president @GEJonathan committed his blunders & failed 2 confront BokoHaram insurgency we never accuse Christianity of his crimes

Then why are such Southeast Nigerians spreading #Islamophobia due to the actions or inactions of President @MBuhari & Governor @elrufai?

This same President @MBuhari & @elrufai murdered 1000+ defenseless Nigerians during #ZariaMassacre & dumped their bodies in mass graves.

The fact that millions of Muslims strongly condemned #SouthernKaduna killings shows that @MBuhari & @elrufai are serving an evil agenda.

Initially #BokoHaram was wrongly thought to be an #Islamic agenda by some #Nigerians but more than 90% victims of BokoHaram are #Muslims.

Nigerian Christians should understand the evil manifestation of #Wahhabism, an evil ideology steep in brutal killings & inhuman slaughter.


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