@Elbinawi Tweets on #SouthernKadunaKillings of Christians

@Elbinawi Tweets on #SouthernKadunaKillings:

I am a Muslim & I strongly condemned the inhuman #SouthernKaduna genocide. My #Islam serves humanity first.

The “Council of Imams” that failed to condemn the inhuman #SouthernKaduna genocide do not represent me. They represent @MBuhari & @elrufai.

Islam condemned all forms of inhuman massacres & #SouthernKaduna massacre is the peak of inhumanity. @MBuhari & @elrufai are Wahhabi Savages

Sheikh #Zakzaky stand for humanity & that is why President @MBuhari & @elrufai attacked him, killed his 3 sons & burnt his 70+ sister alive.

Sheikh Zakzaky & his million of followers strongly condemned all forms of tribal or religious genocide against Nigerians. @MBuhari @elrufai

Nigerians should demand @MBuhari & @elrufai send adequate security forces to protect & defend the oppressed people of #SouthernKaduna.

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