@Elbinawi Tweets on @GarShehu lies to @bbchausa

@Elbinawi Tweets on @GarShehu lies to @bbchausa:

@GarShehu recently lied on a @bbchausa program that president @MBuhari is not responsible for #ZariaMassacre of 1000+ Nigerians. @elrufai

@GarShehu @bbchausa Nigerians are now use to the fact that the @APCNigeria govt of president @MBuhari are shameless pathological liars.

@GarShehu @bbchausa @APCNigeria When the @HQNigerianArmy started killing Nigerians in Zaria President @MBuhari was in neighboring Kaduna.

@GarShehu We have it on good authority that some Soldiers @HQNigerianArmy were reluctant 2 massacre civilians but were told @MBuhari ordered it

@GarShehu When @elrufai left Kaduna 4 Zaria he called Sheikh #Zakzaky & told him he will stop the killings by the @HQNigerianArmy. MBuhari

@GarShehu At Zaria a meeting took place at the palace of Emir. @elrufai @HQNigerianArmy Chief, @MBuhari (by phone) & Emir were at meeting

@GarShehu @elrufai @HQNigerianArmy It was at that meeting that president @MBuhari ordered the brutal massacre & @elrufai left Zaria 4 Kaduna

@GarShehu When president @MBuhari saw that the international community rejected their fraudulent version of the massacre he withdrew

@GarShehu President @MBuhari now want to place all blame of the massacre on Gen. Oyepade, the GOC, & other military officers. @IntlCrimCourt

@GarShehu @MBuhari @IntlCrimCourt Gov @elrufai is a war criminal because he dumped 347 Nigerians in mass grave while Some of them were alive

@GarShehu @MBuhari @IntlCrimCourt Gov @elrufai also destroyed all the physical evidences of the inhuman #ZariaMassacre. This is a war crime.

@GarShehu When the military officers get to #ICC @IntlCrimCourt they will inform the Court who ordered them to massacre 1000+ Nigerians.

@GarShehu The ICC @IntlCrimCourt should understand that the main culprits of ZariaMassacre are those that ordered & facilitated the massacre


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