@Elbinawi Tweets on #FreeZakzaky

@Elbinawi Tweets on #FreeZakzaky:

The @PoliceNG shot at the peaceful #FreeZakzaky protest in Kaduna yesterday. No Nigerian was killed but there was shooting by @PoliceNG.

If the Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari failed the court order 2 release Sh Zakzaky then the @PoliceNG should be ready to kill millions of Nigerians

If President @MBuhari failed to release Sheikh Zakzaky in 13 days there will be massive nationwide protest. Nigeria belongs to all of us.

If President @MBuhari appeal the Federal High Court decision that freed Sheikh Zakzaky he will still lose.Even at Supreme Court he will lose

Every Court in the whole world will #FreeZakzaky because he committed no offence & President @MBuhari murdered his 3 sons in his residence.

@MBuhari MUST #FreeZakzaky whether he like it or not. He must obey the Court order. Sheikh Zakzaky have millions of followers in Nigeria.

President @MBuhari have killed 1000+ Nigerians to please the Savage Saudi king. How many more Nigerians do President @MBuhari want to kill?

Our brothers are destroying ISIS in Syria, Iraq & Yemen.President @MBuhari, @elrufai & their gang of murderers cannot do anything about that


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