ZariaMassacre: Tribute of a Father to his murdered Daughter

#ZariaMassacre:Tribute of a Father to his murdered Daughter

Happy birthday!

‘To us, dead is sweeter than honey. Ya Allah ka azurta ni da mutuwan shahada’.

This was the last message Tahira, wrote in her world on Saturday 12th of December 2015, a day to the day she was to be brutally killed by the Nigerian army in the house of our “Proof before Allah” and leader, Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

Tahira was born on 24/12/1993 and this day therefore marks her 23rd birthday. My Princess and the bravest of all my children I say to you ‘ Peace be unto you the day you were born, the day you were martyred and the day you will be raised with those who brutally killed you to testify before Allah Subhanahu wata’alah why you were killed and why they killed you. On our side as your parents, we honestly and Sincerely thank the Almighty Allah for blessing us with such a ferocious and fearless daughter.

I bear witness and testify that you you were killed for no offence other than you did not only say your Lord is Allah, but you gave your life in the defence of the Husain of our generation; and you did that on my behalf and in fulfilment with my promise and consistent prayers that may my life be sacrificed for my leader.

For this, you and your other three siblings – Shaheed Muhammad Mujaheed (MJ), Shaheed Hassan and Shaheed Husain, you have made us proud for being our ambassadors and true representatives when the successors of the Yazid of our generation turned Gyallesu into our Karbala.

My Shaheeda and the Apple of my eyes, all I can say to you on this day is “May the Almighty Allah accept your martyrdom, that of your siblings and all brothers and sisters that were unjustifiably killed on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of December 2015 and May He also accept the martyrdom of the first and last of us before the reappearance of Sshibul Asr (ATF). #AllahFreeandProtectZakzaky.

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