@Elbinawi Tweets on #Aleppo Victory

@Elbinawi Tweets on #Aleppo victory:

Victory in #Aleppo, #Syria, is the victory of the anti-imperialist & anti-Wahhabi Takfiri Resistance Bloc

Western-backed murderous Wahhabi terrorists were defeated & humiliated by Resistance forces. More victories to come from #Bahrain & #Yemen.

The Syrian Christians support the Syrian government but Western imperialism support the murderous Wahhabi terrorists with weapons & funds.

Religion to imperialism is a tool to be used & dumped. Western powers are backing terrorists that wish to expel all Christians from #Syria.

Defending & protecting Christian minorities in the Middle East is a pledge by the Resistance Bloc. Christians will be protected at all cost.

#Christianity is the closest religion to #Islam. At the early stage of Islam the Christian Kingdom of #Ethiopia gave protection to Muslims.

Wahhabi Savages have a global agenda of massacre including Northern Nigeria but with #IMN in existence that will be impossible God willing.


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