Nigeria: The Monumental Fraud called ‘Buhari’

Nigeria: The Monumental Fraud Called ‘Buhari’

“President Buhari as one of the
mediators annoys us, Gambia
is not Nigeria, we have always
conducted elections in our
country devoid of irregularities.
We are not unaware of the huge
electoral fraud in Nigeria on
whose back he rode to power,
let him put his house in order
before teaching us to suck eggs”
– Pres Yahya Jammeh, Gambia.

Nigerian President Buhari and other West African leaders went to Gambia to persuade President Yahya Jammeh to handover power to the President-elect who won the recently conducted election. It was like the case of a notorious prostitute preaching morality as President Buhari had lost elections three times and have never conceded defeat to the winners. After the 2011 presidential elections his unguarded and provocative utterances led to the death of hundreds of Christians in Northern Nigeria with some of them burnt alive. Some of those killed were NYSC members on national assignment.

The same Buhari that refused to concede defeat in three elections in Nigeria was in Gambia yesterday to convince Yahya Jammeh to accept defeat. President Buhari and his handlers thought the whole world is deaf, dump and blind to all their actions and reactions and that was why Buhari’s Independence Day anniversary speech was a mountain of lies about the present economic condition and the failures of his government. In that speech President Buhari claimed that ‘foreign investors are trooping to Nigeria’. A fraudulent claim that not only Nigerians heard and read but the world audience were aware of it.

The same thing happened with the Buhari’s government handling of the #ZariaMassacre. President Buhari seems to assume that the world is ignorant of the monstrous inhuman massacre of defenseless civilians by the Nigerian army that was ordered by President Buhari who was in Kaduna on the day the massacre started. The Human Rights Watch in its today’s (14/12/2016) Press Release captured the situation: “The involvement of soldiers in the Zaria incidents, and subsequent police actions against the Islamic Movement raises major questions about Nigeria’s commitment to military reform. The Kaduna state government’s continued repression of the group without holding the attackers responsible turns justice on its head.”

When President Buhari assumed power May last year he inherited an election body that was truly independent and that was one of the reasons why he defeated the then incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan in the last National elections. President Buhari have today destroyed the independence of the electoral body going by the negative actions in the bye elections in Edo, Ondo and Rivers state. President Buhari is desperately preparing for the 2019 presidential elections and considering his monumental failures he want to use the electoral body to rig that election. President Buhari’s party used the money they stole from Nigerians to buy votes in the Edo election, INEC facilitated that fraud. In Ondo election the electoral body illegally replaced the leading opposition candidate. President Buhari sent the army to River state election to kill Nigerians and rigged the elections.

Nigerians recently discovered that the funds meant to feed the Internally Displaced People (IDP) have been looted by President Buhari cronies. In one instance the government agency spent two million Naira on feeding but spent two hundred million Naira on cutting grasses! Nigerians asked the question as to whether the grasses was used to feed the IDPs? The Secretary to the Federal Government (SFG), Babachir Lawal, is presently under attack for the massive corruption in that agency but it is important for Nigerians to investigate maybe Babachir Lawal is fronting for his Boss. In the last election more than 90% of Buhari’s campaign funds came from Bola Tinubu of the Southwest and Rotimi Ameachi of the Southsouth. President Buhari appointed his cronies to raise money and buy votes from starving Nigerians for the 2019 elections and possibly Babachir Lawal is one of the fronts.

President Buhari is desperate to have positive reputation as an ‘African Stateman’ but he is ignorant of the fact that the wimps and Caprices of a bloodthirsty tyrant does not translate to greatness. You do not mass-murdered 1000+ of your people in less than 48 hours and dumped the dead bodies of women, children and the aged in mass graves and expect to be respected by your peers and be on the positive side of history. History only honor a leader who has virtue and possesses positive humanism. History has never honor a killer and mass-murderer like Buhari who is only good in killing the innocent and destroying what is good. Checkout how he destroyed the Nigerian economy and plunged it to recession with his archaic policies.

On a final note, before now millions of Nigerians in the North thought that President Buhari is a ‘savior’ which was a monumental fraud as his present growing failures have shown Nigerians who is truly Buhari.

Harun Elbinawi


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