Nigeria: Release Prisoners of Conscience

Nigeria: Release Prisoners of Conscience

The Ashura mourning ceremonies of last week held by Shia Muslims worldwide took place in more than 100 countries but it was only in Nigeria that the peaceful Shia mourners were attacked by security forces. The Nigerian security forces attacked and killed 20+ Shia mourners in more than four states. The killings that took place in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan occurred because the Shia mourners were attacked by murderous ISIS terrorists.

We all know that ShiaGenocide is part of the agenda of all murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups such as ISIS, AlQaeda, Boko Haram etc, the question we ask is that is ShiaGenocide part of the agenda of the present Nigerian government? Last December the Nigerian President Buhari sent the army to Zaria and they mass-murdered 1000+ Shia civilians in less than 48 hours and dumped their bodies in mass graves, the army bombed and destroyed the iconic Husseiniya and the army attacked and burnt down the house of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. To this day no single person is arrested by the Nigerian government for those heinous crimes. The Savage Saudi King cheered and celebrated with Nigerian President Buhari.

What shocked the world in the Ashura ceremonies of last week was that while the security forces of other countries were protecting Shia mourners from murderous Wahhabi terrorists, in Nigeria it was the security forces that were attacking Shia mourners with their allied murderous Wahhabi terrorists. They attacked Shia mourners, killed them and burnt their religious sites.

As I write there are 100s of Nigerian Shia Muslims languishing in Nigerian prisons and they include minors. Over the weekend a Nigerian brother drew our attention to the case of a 4 year-old girl Salamatu Yunusa who was kept in the Jos prison because her parents are also there. Nigerians, both Muslims and Christians, launched campaigns on Twitter for her freedom and I was informed she was freed on Monday due to the pressure.

The 100s of Nigerian citizens who are languishing in various prisons just because they attended a religious ceremony are Prisoners of Conscience. They are oppressed because they are IMN members and they are Shia Muslims who attended a Shia religious program. We call on all activists and people of conscious to oppose and condemn this gross injustice and oppression by the Nigerian government against the Nigerian Shia community.

My advice to Nigerian Muslims is that they should not allow themselves to be drawn into sectarian conflict by present Nigerian leaders who are war criminals looking for a way out. Sectarian conflicts have never benefit anyone of the parties, only the enemies of Islam and humanity benefit from such conflict.

On a last note, for how long will the Nigerian President Buhari continue to be the hunting dog of the Saudi King and continue to kill innocent Nigerians to please the Savage Saudi King?

Harun Elbinawi

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