Buhari:A President, But Also A Criminal



A very bad choice to have Buhari defend human rights at the UN . Why not invite Boko Haram also? Eventually they have at the UN already greeted many terrorists among them Abdel Wahab al Humaiqani , Yemeni al Qa’ida financier and sponsor who was greeted with a big smile by Ban Ki Moon at the UN locals despite the fact that he figures on the US terrorist lists.

Buhari will no doubt feel at home in this nest of snakes , and will deliver his speech comfortably , and will be able to spew all the lies he wants, and to hide his hands stained with blood , which is the blood of his own people that he spilled voluntarily upon orders issued to him to slaughter his own people. . It is as if he has killed his own children and one day he will wake up to this horrible truth, that he had killed his children . This is because God is`all knowing .

Our plight, the plight of all people is those rulers who do the bidding of the enemy and work for the enemy and serve his purpose . They are the ones who are totally deluded by this world and by power, and think there is no power higher than that of the World Order. How can this happen we don’t know? For a president to turn against his people who brought him to power and in the name of whom he rules for the purpose of serving them .

How could that happen ? How could a president do this who is supposed to father his people and cater to their needs ? How did he send his army to kill them who were unarmed and peacefully sharing in a religious procession? How could he justify this crime to himself ? How can he live with the fact that he killed women and children who are his own kith and kin? How could he kill all the sons of Sheikh al Zakzaki and hurt him and hurt his wife ? Why did he sacrifice his status as president to gain the status of a criminal ? How did he trade this for that ?

Whether at the UN or elsewhere , whatever he speaks or says , there is this smell about Buhari that he had killed his own people and this will never leave him until God says his final word .


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