What is the “sin” of the French Priest murdered by ISIS?

What is the “sin” of this 86 year-old Christian priest that the cursed #ISIS terrorists murdered recently in #France? What is the “sin” of this man who despite his religion helped build a Mosque for a Muslim community in France?

Those who brutally murdered him and their Wahhabism-contaminated supporters celebrated his murder as “Jihad” meant to elevate the word of Allah. How could the murder of the innocent elevate the word of Allah and bring glory to Islam and greatness to Muslims?

We should not only condemned these terrorist attacks that are heinous crimes, we must also condemned the Wahhabi clerics and their deviant ideology that brainwashed and inspired these murderous thugs to slaughter the innocent.
#No2Wahhabism #No2Terrorism #No2ISIS #No2Saudi



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