The Oppressed and Oppression

The Oppressed and Oppression

“Fear the prayer of the oppressed.”~ Prophet Muhammad (saww)

The above Tradition of Prophet Muhammad (sa) is widely reported from Sunni & Shia sources and more variety of it reported from different occasions during the life time of the most beloved of God, Muhammad al-Mustapha (sa). In one version of this Tradition the Prophet (sa) was reported to have said “Fear the prayers of the oppressed as there is no veil between the prayers of the oppressed and God”.

Oppression can be defined as the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. Oppression derives from the concept of being weighted down and the antonyms of the word “oppression” are “justice” and “kindness”.

Then we come to the events of the #ZariaMassacre in Nigeria that are undoubtedly gross oppression where the present crop of Nigerian leaders connived with foreign imperialist powers that have the savage Saudi Wahhabi regime as a front and mass-murdered 1000+ defenseless and unarmed Nigerians and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves. Some of the victims of this massacre were buried alive by the Kaduna state Governor Nasir Elrufai as no competent medical personnel certified them dead.

Is there any form of oppression that is greater than such brutal slaughter of men, women, children and the aged? Is there any form of oppression greater than burning of women and children alive by the Nigerian army? Is there any form of oppression greater than bombing the iconic Zaria Husseiniya with 100s of civilians inside?

It is important to note that in the above Tradition the Prophet (sa) never said that the oppressed must be a Muslims before his/her prayers is answered by God. In this Tradition the Prophet (sa) declared all those that are oppressed whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims are included in the definition of ” the oppressed”. In the Quran God condemned all forms of oppression and declared all oppression as Haram, God also declared all oppressors as His enemies that will never succeed.

When Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and their gang of mass-murderers killed 100s of fathers and deprived their wives and children of their protectors, why will God not accept the prayers of these Widows and Orphans against Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and their gang? The brainless terrorism-enabled Wahhabis will tell you that the prayers will not be answered because the victims are “Shia Infidels”! But the Prophet (sa) who is a mercy to humanity never exempted ” Shia infidels” from the above Tradition. Since “Shia infidels” are an integral part of humanity, they are included in the above Tradition. Such mindset of those contaminated with the potent poison of Wahhabism underlined their lowness as entities that lacked humanity and the fact that all the murderous terrorists who are slaughtering the innocent today in the name of Islam are inspired by this same deviant cult of Wahhabism.

The above Tradition of Prophet Muhammad (sa) also embraced the wider world view of Islam that emphasized the concept of fairness and justice for all irrespective of race, tribe, religion, sect or nationality. One does not oppress a person just because the person is not a Muslim because the above Tradition forbid all oppression. To further clarify the above Tradition on oppression Imam Ali (as) said in his last will to his sons:” Be an enemy of the oppressor and a helper of the oppressed.” This is an unconditional statement that applied to all situation, the identity of the oppressor and oppressed is immaterial here.

On a final note, the warped and deviant description of the concept of oppression by the deviant Wahhabism is today largely responsible for the heinous crimes and atrocities committed in the name of Islam by the murderous thugs who are inspired by it. For example, the most recent act of terrorism in Europe was the slitting of the throat of a 86 year-old Christian Priest from Normandy, France. This same Priest helped build a Mosque in the past for a Muslim community but the murderous ISIS slit his throat and called it “Jihad”! This is not Islam, this is a practical manifestation of Wahhabism….

Harun Elbinawi


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