#ZariaMassacre:Salam To Nigerian brothers & sisters

#ZariaMassacre:Salam To Nigerian brothers & sisters:

We saw the leaked report of the JCI that indicted the Nigerian army. Though there are other recommendations that were not stated but this is the most important aspect of the report.

Though IMN boycotted the kangaroo Commission and the Commission did not hear the side of the victims but the Commission went on to indict the Nigerian army.

This is the least that our Nigerian oppressors can do and they did this not because they have any sympathy towards us or because they like us or want to be just towards us. No, they did what they did because the massive campaigns has internationalized the ZariaMassacre and the case have been referred to the ICC.

Those who think that the GOC Gen Adeniyi Oyepade ordered the ZariaMassacre are gullible and naive. The GOC can not just sent thousands of soldiers to attack and massacre defenseless civilians.

The GOC received orders of the massacre from the army Chief Buratai and Buratai received orders of the massacre from Nigerian President Buhari. This is the truth and the whole truth as the words and body language of Buhari after the massacre confirmed this. Between Buhari, Buratai and Adeniyi none have the wicked heart of massacre and slaughter like Buhari. Buhari is a sadist at heart and derive pleasure in inflicting pains on those he considered as his opponents. What Buhari did with this report in ancient Korean history is called “cutting your one arm so that the remaining body survives!”.

Indicting Gen Adeniyi and his commanders fell short of our expectations but at least the journey has started, the journey to get justice to those who were brutally murdered by leaders who were elected to serve and protect them.

It is important to remain calm and continue with all our peaceful campaigns and activities. God had defined the path of evil and the ZariaMassacre was monumental evil from any religion and from any society. The killing of civilians is banned in war zones but in ZariaMassacre heavily-armed soldiers were brought to the city to slaughter civilians.

Lastly people should avoid rumour mongering as the enemy can capitalize on rumour mongering.



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