Tweets on the confusion of the Wahhabi cleric Ahmad Gumi

Tweets on the Ahmad Gumi’s claim that “Sheikh Zakzaky was attacked by the Nigerian Army with his sons killed & nothing happened!”

1.The Nigerian Wahhabi cleric Ahmad Gumi, the son of late Abubakar Gumi, is calling on President @MBuhari to release Sheikh #Zakzaky.

2.His reasons for making this call is not the same reason as human rights activists & people of conscience who also are making the same call

3.I had wanted to write a rejoinder to his rantings & confusions but my brother, Abdulmumini Giwa, had written a beautiful piece on that

4.I shared d Abdulmumini Giwa’s piece on my blog & so it will appear on my Twitter Handle. That piece was comprehensive but I will add little here

5.Among the negative reasons given by Gumi is that “Sheikh Zakzaky was attacked by @HQNigerianArmy with his sons killed & nothing happened!”

6.Ahmad Gumi is a Wahhabi like his father before him w/ close links to the Saudi Wahhabi regime.He was once arrested 4 his links to #AlQaeda

7.To the contaminated mindset of Wahhabi Gumi, any incident is settled with bloodshed, killings & destructions just to exact revenge.

8.The Wahhabi-contaminated mindset of Gumi expected that after the murder of 1000+ Shia Muslims by Buhari & his gang, IMN will take up arms.

9.To the bloodthirsty mindsets of Wahhabis & their murderous instincts the first option of any disagreement is war, bloodshed & destruction.

10.In the true Islam that we follow war MUST be the last option of any disagreement. All peaceful means MUST be exhausted to preserve peace.

11.Sheikh #Zakzaky has millions of followers in #Nigeria & WestAfrican sub-region, raising an army will not be difficult but he choose peace

12.Despite the fact that 6 of his sons & 1000+ of his followers were murdered by @HQNigerianArmy within 2 years but still insist on peace!

13.Nigerians should appreciate the peaceful posture of Sheikh #Zakzaky despite all the tragedies the Nigerian state have subjected him to.

14.I will state this important point that the IMN did not resort to armed-struggle because that was the choice made by Sheikh #Zakzaky alone

15.The choice for #IMN to remain peaceful was not influenced by any Nigerian government or security. Is there even security in #Nigeria?

16.We all saw how the @NDAvengers threatened 2 kill the wicked Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari if he comes to Ogoni. The coward cancelled the visit

17. Today the boastful @MBuhari of the past is on his knees begging the @NDAvengers to stop destroying Nigerian Oil pipelines.

18.To d Wahhabi Gumi, d choice made by Sheikh #Zakzaky to remain peaceful & seek redress in Courts proves his greatness despite many options

19. IMN will not take-up arms just because Gumi & his bloodthirsty Wahhabis wanted that 2 happen. They want 2 turn #Nigeria 2 another #Syria

20. On a final note, IMN will never make Nigerians suffer in addition to d rampant suffering they are encountering at d moment. #FreeZakzaky

Harun Elbinawi


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