No, it is a lie Wahhabi as God never murdered the innocent

No, it is a lie Wahhabi as God never murdered the innocent!

One of the fraudulent hypothesis that the clerics of Wahhabism had concocted to brainwash and hypnotized their gullible and brainless followers is the “sign” hypothesis. In this hypothesis that is embedded in compound ignorance, murderous Wahhabi terrorists will murder innocent people then these same murderers will turn around and tell their gullible followers that “God punished those people as a sign for their deviations!”.

This is one of modus operandi of how the bloodthirsty Wahhabi clerics justify the brutal massacre of the innocent in various countries of the world today. When #ISIS and #AlQaeda massacred defenseless civilians they will turn back and tell their fanatical and extremist followers that ” it was God that punished them for their deviations! “.

This hypothesis was more glaring when the Saudi regime masterminded the brutal slaughter by the Nigerian army of 1000+ defenseless and unarmed Shia Muslims in #Nigeria, those massacred included 100s of women and children. The residence of the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky was attacked by heavily-armed soldiers, 100s of his followers brutally murdered, the entire residence burnt down with him and his family inside. The Wahhabi clerics in Nigeria went on a drunken campaigns that ” God punished Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers as a sign for their ‘insulting’ companions of the Prophet (sa)!”

The Wahhabi clerics had refused to inform their gullible followers that the ZariaMassacre was not planned and executed by God as they claimed but the inhuman massacre was planned in Saudi Arabia and brutally executed by the Nigerian President Buhari and his gang. God never planned and executed the brutal massacre of defenseless and unarmed civilians and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves. It is wicked humans like Salman, Buhari, Buratai, Elrufai etc that does that incomplete disregard to the divine injunctions and commandments of God.

The Nigerian Wahhabi cleric Ahmad Gumi recently stated that fraudulent sign hypothesis when describing the unjust detention of Sheikh Zakzaky by the oppressive and tyrannical Nigerian regime. And Abdulmumini Giwa gave him a brilliant answer in his celebrated write-up “The confused Gumi at it again!”.

“On the issue of the said sign Sheikh Zakzaky had seen after his detention that purportedly signified that God was not on his side that is why He is punishing him reminds me of the arrest and detention of Dr. Gumi by the Saudi regime in the past. Dr. Gumi is still as confused as ever even after his release and after he had also seen God’s sign that He was not with him. He had not changed a bit he is still his confused self.

Probably his said sign theory is vague and has no moral basis in religion more especially as it is not supported by history. We have seen a lot of great leaders in history even from among God’s Prophets that have faced the same faith as Sheikh Zakzaky for their belief and ideas that tyrant and oppressive rulers are opposed to. Definitely, this sign theory of Dr. Gumi is only a display of confusion and intellectual sickness corroborated by absence of good reasoning.”

It is important to note that for the sake of academic discuss that there is no where the Prophet (sa) decreed that insulting the companions is punishable by death. If such is the rule then the companions that insulted and abused themselves during the life time of the Prophet (sa) should have been killed! And in a famous Sunni tradition the Prophet (sa) was reported to have said that “Abusing a Muslim is transgression and killing Muslims is infidelity”. So it is the barbaric killings of Muslims by murderous Wahhabi terrorists under the fraudulent claims of ” abusing companions” that is infidelity.

To keep records straight Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers of which the overwhelming majority of them are Shia Muslims do not abuse or insult the companions of the Prophet (sa). The historical difference on the status of some companions between Sunni and Shia has existed for more than 1300 years and there are lots of debates on that. Refusing to acknowledged the superiority of Abubakar, Umar and Uthman over Ali does not tantamount to insult of them as there is no proof from the Quran and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (sa) to support such claims of superiority.

Harun Elbinawi


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