#QudsDay:Thank you IMN brothers & sisters

Thank you IMN brothers and sisters, thank you!

When the Wahhabi scholar Ahmad Gumi heard about the millions of followers of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on streets of major Nigerian cities showing solidarity on international #QudsDay rallies, he called on the wicked, evil and bloodthirsty Nigerian tyrant Buhari to release Sheikh Zakzaky as holding him in detention “has not changed anything!”.

These wicked and evil people who murdered 1000+ of our brothers and sisters last December and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves thought that by that inhuman massacre they will break our backbone and our will.

Today with the massive turnout and the millions of Nigerians they saw on the streets chanting #FreePalestine and #FreeZakzaky, they have now realised that their evil agenda has failed and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) will never be broken by targeting and assassinating its leading lights.

It is important to note that these Wahhabis were the same people celebrating the brutal and inhuman slaughter of more than one thousand of our brothers and sisters in the ZariaMassacre. The despotic bloodthirsty Saudi king Salman who had murdered more than 600 Yemeni children according to the UN report was the first foreign personality to call the Nigerian tyrant and ” congratulate” him for a job welldone!

Despite the fact the QudsDay procession took place in close to thirty (30) towns and cities across Nigeria, there was no report of any incident or anybody harmed or molested. This contrasted sharply with the violent image that the Nigerian regime have been trying to portray of IMN members since the inhuman ZariaMassacre.

Though the Nigerian regime did sent heavily-armed soldiers especially to Katsina and Sokoto to intimidate and frightened the peaceful procession but the IMN members conducted themselves amiably and refused to be intimidated. In the case of Zaria an air force military helicopter kept monitoring the procession for the entire duration.

It has always been our believe and will remain so that there is no tyrant in history that has succeeded in destroying an Idea by killing the possessors of the Idea and God willing Buhari will never be an exception to that rule. Sheikh Zakzaky and the IMN were targeted by the wicked Nigerian oppressors not because they were violent or have ever harmed anybody but they were targeted due to their anti-imperialist, anti-Zionism and anti-Takfiri credentials.

After the ZariaMassacre by the Nigerian army one of the principal culprits, Nigerian army Chief Buratai, was discovered to be a corrupt BokoHaram facilitator who stole the funds meant to fight the murderous insurgency to buy choice properties in Nigeria and Dubai. That scandal is famously called “BurataiGate” in Nigeria though for now he is been shielded by the Nigerian tyrant.

On a final note, I wish to send millions of salutations to all those who risked their lives and the lives of their families by joining the QudsDay marches. I will also to greet all the families of the Martyrs of the ZariaMassacre, the 400+ Widows and the 1937 Orphans. God bless you all and give us the fortitude to bear our losses!

As for the killers and murderers of the ZariaMassacre, what befell the past murderous criminals of history will be your end. You will never escape the justice of God even if you escape the justice of man. We are students of history and we are confident that the promise of God is true on wicked oppressors.

Harun Elbinawi


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