#BurataiGate:Burj Al Buratai

Burj Al Buratai,

By Jaafar Jaafar
Premium Times June 27, 2016

“This country is in a mess. So even this clean man owns foreign assets?”

“Haba Emma, you are so controversial. What is wrong in owning properties in Dubai? Do you know the salary of a major general?”

“The questions are: Has he been major general all his service years? Is it permissible according to service rule to acquire foreign assets while serving?”

“You are missing the point, Emma. I tell you all Buhari’s appointees are clean. That is why it took him time to make background checks and screening before appointment.”

“Sule, I know a serving minister who altered her name to bury her corrupt past. More than 10 years ago EFCC found out she was owning over 200 trailers when she was a civil servant.”

“Who again?”

“I know a minister who sank two boreholes at the cost of N139 million.”

“Tell me another one…”

“I know another minister who spent N82 million to organise a party.”

“All na wash. All Baba Buhari’s appointees are clean.”

“Haba, Sule! You are avoiding the issue. The army chief himself admitted to owning the properties. I know Mr. Lai will soon tell Nigerians how these properties have been creating jobs.”

“Of course they’ve created jobs for Nigerians. The bureau de change operators who exchanged the naira into dollars were empowered. The banks that wired the money earned revenue. I agree entirely with Lai that buying the properties created more jobs.”

“Hahahaha. I will start calling you suLAIman. Well, I am really not happy hearing about our army chief in this mess. Even in the business field, only a man with superb marksmanship can hit hundreds of millions in three years.”

“I told you a major general can own those properties through his savings. He declared them in his assets declaration form. Let EFCC investigate him, they won’t find him wanting. He is not a thief.”

“But I heard you yesterday calling Diezani Alison-Maduekwe a thief for owning jewellery and foreign assets. Remember she was a former director in Shell before becoming minister.”

“That goat! She is a thief! She must vomit the yams she ate. It is no longer business as usual under Buhari”

“But this is pure subjectivity, a case of selective persecution.”

“Whatever you call it, she must vomit our yams. She is pretending that she has cancer, which is a lie. She is just a liar!”

“But two ministers are currently undergoing treatment abroad. The president himself just returned. Is it fair to say they are all liars?”


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