A Nigerian mother wishing her son “Happy Birthday” who was one of the victims of #ZariaMassacre

A Nigerian mother wishing her son “Happy Birthday” who was one of the victims of #ZariaMassacre:

Today I speak from my heart.

It does not hurt me at all that I lost three or five of my kids for Islam. In protecting my leader.

But it does hurt me, no by Allah it kills me that I was not given the opportunity to kiss them goodbye.

Willingly had I sent them there to protect Islam With everything they had. And I followed them to it. I knew it could happen but what I did not know was that it may well be the last time I see them. who knows? The tyrants of today beats the paroahs of yesterday. They kill and take away the dead bodies, for what? Nobody knows.

Today marks the 26th year of the birth of Khalid. My fourth child. He was a joy from childhood. He would sit on his head instead of his behind. He would cry for every little thing. He was named HANTSAL BATSALU for jumping from one place to the other.

But he somehow made it to a very strong man. He was capable of almost everything. All you need is call him and he would find a way to do it.

Computer was very special to him, more like a life partner. I once asked who will marry you with a computer as a rival? He laughed and replied. Never mind she would be a computer guru herself so she won’t mind.

‘Kwantas’ were his words when you get angry at him. FADI ZA A AIWATAR.. He won’t get angry nor will he allow you to be.

And he was always full of hope for the future.


I WANT TO GET FOR PEOPLE BUSSINESSES. He seemed to want things for others all the time.

But most importantly he wanted the best for the Islamic movement. He kept saying by Allah things will get better.

I can’t even Continue

Happy birthday Khalid. You will always be wherever we are. We all love you to eternity.

-Jummai Ahmad Karofi. ( A mother who lost Five children in the #ZariaMassacre & was her self shot more than 6 times by the Nigerian army. She still has 2 bullets embedded close to her heart that Nigerians Physicians do not have the know-how to remove. A living Martyr by all standards!)

We extend our heartfelt condolences to our blessed sister for her losses and our losses!

Congratulations to Islam for having such sons and daughters, congratulations to our beloved Prophet (sa) for having such followers!

Happy Birthday Khalid!

-Harun Elbinawi


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