#IMN Martyr Foundation:Request for Donation

#IMN Martyr Foundation:Request for Donation

The Shuhada Foundation of the Islamic Movement is a registered Non-governmental, charity body set up by Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky since 1992, tasked with the responsibility of meeting the needs of martyrs’ families including their educational, nutritional, psychosocial and medical needs among others. Hitherto, the Foundation has lived up to this responsibility largely through the assistance of generous donations from members of the Movement.

Before the recent clampdown, we had 367 orphans and 30 families that we were taking care of, thanks to generous donations by members, and we were well on our way to satisfactorily reaching our goal. However, since the brutal clampdown on the Movement in December 2015 in which close to a thousand members of the Movement were martyred in one weekend, the responsibility of catering for the families of these martyrs multiplied geometrically while on the other hand, those who had reliably and consistently donated among the members of the Movement were significantly martyred themselves. At the moment, there are an additional 2000 orphans and about 500 widows to cater for. Your donation will hence have a dramatic impact on the life of these families.

It is against this backdrop that we will be asking for donation to this noble cause from spirited individuals, groups or communities worldwide. Without these donations, serving those widowed or orphaned by this calamitous massacre would not be possible.

Shaikh AbdulHameed Bello
Head, Shuhada Foundation
Islamic Movement in Nigeria.


One thought on “#IMN Martyr Foundation:Request for Donation

  1. I live in south Africa and I do want to contribute towards the shuhada foundation.Please give more details on how to reach you.


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