#ZariaMassacre:Advise To The Beloved

#ZariaMassacre:Advice To The beloved:

The brutal & inhuman #ZariaMassacre is undoubtedly one of the most heinous crimes that is authored by those in power in the history of the Nigerian nation. Those who were trusted with power & authority conspired with their foreign masters and executed the brutal slaughter of defenseless and unarmed civilians to further an evil imperialist agenda to kill Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky and the leading lights of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (#IMN), and to destroy IMN as an organization.

Despite the fact that the principal actors of the inhuman massacre who orchestrated, masterminded and executed the massacre are people who claimed to be Sunnis, we should not blame Sunni Islam for the massacre. That brutal slaughter of men, women, children, and the aged who were Shia Muslims by the murderous Nigerian army shocked the Nigerian Christian community.

A Nigerian Christian sent me a message that he now fully understand why #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram and all the murderous terrorist groups that are killing innocent people in the name of #Islam all emanates from Sunni Islam. He added that even the murderous BokoHaram will envy the Nigerian army for the #Zaria_Massacre! I told him that the blame should not be totally on Sunni Islam but the root cause of such monumental evil is the Wahhabi contamination of Sunni Islam.

The path of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is tolerance to the whole of humanity that condemned hate and rancor. The tradition of all Prophets and Messengers of God is to love all who are call to guidance and not to hate them. How can you call to guidance those you hated? Prophet Muhammad (sa) did not hate the Meccans, he rejected what they worshipped as gods beside Allah.

This concept of hate is one of the major deviation of Wahhabism and sadly they had contaminated Sunni Islam with it. The brainless Wahhabis think that if they show hatred towards those who disagree with their deviation then it will compel such people to accept Wahhabism! This naivety that is loaded with ignorance is one of the reasons why Wahhabism has grossly failed in all its anti-Shia campaigns and propaganda despite the monstrous volume of such propaganda.

Check this statistics of Wahhabi propaganda against Shia Islam:

“More than 60 million anti-Shia copies of books and publications in more than 20 languaged were published and distributed by Saudi Arabia to arrest the rising tide of Shia Islam. In Mecca Al- Mokarramah, during the pilgrimage and only in one month, 685 thousand book volumes against Shia were published in 20 languages and distributed among the pilgrims of Baytollah Al- Haram. About 40 anti-Shia sites have recently been launched by Wahhabi clerics writing anti-Shia articles night and day. About 300 satellites internationally produce and broadcast anti-Shia programs daily.”

The question is despite all these massive propaganda and hate campaign how many Shia Muslims have they succeeded in converting to Wahhabism? They spent billions of dollars yearly but with nothing to show as success. The only thing they have succeeded is in widening the gulf among Muslims and intensifying sectarian hatred that have resulted in massive deaths and destructions.

On a final note, killings of the innocent and massacres like the Zaria massacre are evil acts that is condemned by the human conscience. There is no amount of dressing evil by its perpetrators that will turn it to good, the path of righteousness is clearly manifest and no amount of state-sponsored propaganda will blur that path. Buhari, Buratai, Elrufai and bloodthirsty war criminals like them will not escape the long arm of justice, one day the rope of justice will catch up with them.

Harun Elbinawi


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