Where the Nigerian #TyrantBuhari got it wrong

Where the Nigerian #TyrantBuhari got it wrong

By Abdulmumin Giwa

The wrong assumption by the current regime that Nigeria will be saved by pleasing some foreign powers including Israel and Saudi Arabia by handling some of their projects might have been the real reason behind launching genocide on Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.
Quest for free dollars, especially as Nigeria is in a big economic mess, to spend and please Nigerians as well as to join the global imperialists club and be recognized by the so-called world powers as an outstanding leader are also elements of personal ambition that might have led to the incessant killing of member of IMN in Zaria in December last year.
So far no genuine reason whatsoever has been successfully produced by the government as to why the Buhari regime decided to kill Shiites in Zaria in a massive attack of terror and bloodshed that led to the massacre of over 1000 members of the IMN leaving behind sorrow, tears and blood.
In this massive extra-judicial killing of all times perpetrated by the Buhari regime in the most arrogant manner using state owned army and resources, all aspects of fundamental human rights were not only violated but also abused and disregarded.
Torture and terror were used by the zombies as women were violated with their breasts cut with bayonets and were stabbed with sharp objects in their private parts and human beings burned alive all in attempt by the Nigerian leadership to prove that it is an outstanding stooge.
But he got it all wrong as his masters now sit aside and watch him battling for a way out of the mess he had committed leading him to losses from all ramifications.
As the whole saga was getting out of hand for him and is slowly sinking in the pool of crime against humanity he is willing to hold on to any object no matter how sharp its edges might be just to survive.
It is as a result of this that lies have been fabricated by the shameless perpetrators of the genocide to convince the world that the killings were worth it.
The government falsely claims that Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky was running a government within a government and God on the other hand founded that dream for them of government within a government in the Niger Delta Avengers.
It falsely claims that the Shiites were armed and God on the other hand founded armed groups for them to contend with in the southern parts of the country.
The Government falsely claimed and fabricated that the IMN members killed a soldier during the attack on them and now soldiers are being killed by the emerging groups in the southern parts of the country.
It also falsely claims that the IMN is a security threat to the nation and the Nigeria Delta Avengers are today openly saying they will kill Mr. President if he dares steps his leg on their lands, here, not only the nation is threatened but he as an individual is also under threat.
Nigerian Government mischievously engaged in demonizing and painting Iran black using faceless groups and organizations just for reminding them of the rights of the Shiites to life in Nigeria.
Rallies and protests against the Islamic Iran in Nigeria were sponsored and today Iran turns out to be the only country that is not affected by the current global crude price crises and could also save Nigeria.
Nigeria is now loosing over a million barrel sales of crude per day due to insecurity founded by the wicked actions of the administration. As the government is seeking a hike in crude price and now the price is high, the production has drastically fallen and cannot satiate the dollar requirement of the government due to insecurity in the creeks.
Buyers who could not get crude oil from Nigeria rush to buy from Iran at even cheaper rates. Yes, cheaper rates because Iran will not lose anything if it sells its crude at twenty dollar per barrel as its anti-sanctions policies have founded a well-diversified economy that is not reliant on the rich oil resource at all.
The Nigerian regime is silently loosing as everything seem to be getting out of hand. For example common tomato has turned into a precious resource. Those tomato producing areas that are not affected by the recent ‘Tuta absoluta’ disease are stopped from producing the product as a result of insecurity founded in their regions by Boko Haram.
All these and many more are as if whatever the Government falsely accuses the IMN of doing, in its bid to justify killing them, is taking place in another form as nemesis is fast pursuing the government for murdering innocent unarmed women and children.
Imagine how many women this wicked regime has converted into widows, how many children it had converted into orphans, how many families it had completely wiped out and how many dreams it had turned into sorrow and sadness within 48 hours of indiscriminate killings of thousands of IMN members on the 12th to 14th of December 2016. This is unimaginable.
Nigeria has now turned out to be as if the ghosts of those that were killed by soldiers in Zaria are pursuing the government that killed them in such a way that whatever policy, and no matter how reliable the policy is and no matter how it is seen to have successfully worked elsewhere only turns out the other way in Nigeria.
Who knows what complications will continue to unfold for governance and government in Nigeria as the government insists on its stance against the IMN and is still keeping the revered leader of the Movement, his wife and other members in illegal detention?
Definitely PMB has gotten it all wrong by starting his government with the killing of IMN members and is not too late to go back to the drawing board and make amends. Simply repent, seek forgiveness of IMN, release those it’s members in detention, pay all the general damages on each of the victims and seek God’s intervention in governance.
Probably when these are accomplished, the Almighty God might let go of everything and allow things to get better again, if not for anybody, at least for the children and babies in the country but not the Nigerians that still see PMB as a saint.


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