#Ramadan:Nigerian Christian clerics Takes “Cut-Down-Your-Price- Campaign For God” to Market union

#Ramadan:Nigerian Christian cleric Takes ”Cut-Down-Your-Price- Campaign For God” to Market union

Pastor yohanna Buru, the general overseer of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry Sabon Tasha, led a delegation of 10 Christians clergies and 10 Muslims scholars to a meeting on 24th/05/2016 with all market union leaders and whole sellers from all the 23 local government of Kaduna state.

The reason for organizing this campaign ”Cut-Down-Your-Price- Campaign For God” which is the first of its kind to Trade union in the country and their regulatory body is to sensitize marketers and sellers with wholesales on the importance of cutting-down the hike of Food prices, fruits and other commodities that could be of great useful to Muslims most especially at the holy month of Ramadan for God Blessing.

Pastor Buru said as Christian leaders, we kick against any rise of Ramadan Food price that will make Muslims not happy in the holy month, adding that we also kick-against all forms of extortion, cheating by marketers to their customers, because we all worship one God, we all are Brothers and sisters, and Adam and Eve were our Origin, and we all believed in Bible and Qur’an. For this reason we deem it fit to participate fully in dialoging with marketers on the importance of reducing the prices of all goods and services for the benefit of the holy month.

The delegation Team which contains some evangelist, Pastors, Sheikhs, Imam and their followers had last week visited some local market in the state which include the kaduna central market, Kasuwar barchi kaduna, Railway market, kasuwar kawo, Barnawa market and sabon gari market at zaria and some weekly local market from southern part of kaduna state of Nigeria.

Pastor Buru said the Ramadan is set to begins on the 6th of Next month, but right now, we have observed that since last week all the foodstuff, fruit and other commodities in the markets have been tripled making situation becoming very hard for every one to eat 3 times a day, and this is because most marketer never know the implication of increasing rate of prices of Goods at Holy month and its consequences on the day of Jugdement.

Pastor Buru further stated that God not really happy with marketers that cheat and doubled prices of Goods at holy months of Ramadan, adding that there is a serious jugdement waiting for Him/Her on the day of resurrection.

Responding on behalf of the marketers, Alhaji Adamu Usman Maishinkafa who expressed satisfaction and said the message will be pass across to all members of the union in the state and urge business men and women to fear God in all their affairs.

Alhaji Adamu Maishinkafa further said that they are not the root cause of hike of prices in the market as they also buy from Companies that brought those goods for them to sale in the market and they buy at a very high price. Maishinkafa calls for governmemt intervention and urge the authority to find ways of tackling shortage of food supply in the market.


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