Al Jazeera TV supporting ISIS in Iraq:

Al Jazeera TV supporting ISIS in Iraq:

Not everyone is happy with the Iraqi army’s offensive in #Fallujah as several Al Jazeera journalists are among them. Here is a senior Al Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour calling it as far as a “genocide” against #Sunnis.

But the murderous #ISIS is occupying Fallujah and the #Iraqi army and Allied militias that included 5,000 Sunni fighters launched an offensive to free that Iraqi city from those murderous terrorists but here are some Arab media calling it as “genocide” against Sunnis!

People can not see that some Arab regimes especially Qatar that owns Al Jazeera and Saudi Arabia are the ones behind the murderous terrorism in #Iraq and #Syria under the fraudulent guise of supporting Sunnis. It is a known facts backed by credible statistics that the overwhelming majority of the victims of Takfiri terrorist groups such as ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram etc are innocent Sunnis.

The ongoing operation in Fallujah is not a “genocide” against any sect, it is an operation to free Fallujah from the murderous ISIS terrorists and save the Iraqi citizens trapped by them. ISIS does not represent Sunni Islam and is not the protector of Sunnis, ISIS is a murderous terrorist group that threaten the whole of humanity including Sunni Muslims.

The personal attacks on the great Iranian commander Gen. Qassem Sulaimani by these Al Jazeera Journalists does not come as a surprise because he is at the forefront of the destruction of the Wahhabi extremist army of ISIS and AlQaeda in both Iraq and Syria.

Our Sunni brothers should disregard such poisonous sectarian propaganda by Al Jazeera and other Saudi networks that are geared towards serving the enemy agenda of widening the gulf of division among Muslims. These oppressive and tyrannical Arab regimes that denied basic freedom to their own people do not represent Sunni Islam, they are only using Sunnism to further the evil agenda of their imperialist masters.



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