The Iran-India-Afghanistan Agreement:

The Iran-India-Afghanistan Agreement:

The historic agreement of the three nations of Iran, Afghanistan and India on the Chabahar port development is historic and is a win-win situation for all the three countries. The Chabahar port development will give India access to the warm waters of the Persian Gulf and a gateway to Russia, Arab Gulf states, central Asia and Europe. The Chabahar port development will give land-lock Afghanistan access to an important port at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

Iran as the host country will also benefit as this is an important foreign investment and in future the Chabahar port will be a center of economic activities as both Iran and India are two important fast developing economies of the world.

The agreement is not a betrayal of Pakistan as the Pakistani leaders who chose to dance to the flute of the imperialist agenda of the regimes of US and Saudi Arabia against the vested interests of Pakistan are to blame for missing out on this important agreement.

Iran as a good neighbor to Pakistan has consistently in the past initiated viable proposal to Pakistan that will benefit Pakistan than Iran but unfortunately the Saudi-puppet Pakistan leaders have consistently betrayed Iran. The most important of these projects is the Iran-Pakistan Gas pipeline that will transport cheap Iranian Gas at a subsidized rate to fuel power plants in Pakistan to generate the much needed electricity. Unfortunately Pakistan has failed to meet it own part of the deal despite the fact that the deal will benefit Pakistan more.

Such agreement between these three countries should act as a model to developing countries on how to cooperate with each other for mutual benefits. In the past Western powers dictates how developing countries will cooperate and that is why today most of the air links go through these Western countries instead of the developing countries to have direct air links between them.

Developing nations should begin to assert their economic freedom and independence that is independent of the greedy bloodsucking Western imperialist powers whose only agenda is to continue the enslavement of these developing countries.

Harun Elbinawi


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