#ZariaMassacre:The Fault Finding Commission By Najeeb Umar Maigatari


By Najeeb Umar Maigatari

The best name to call the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) established by Kaduna state governor, Nasiru el rufa’i; is “faultfinding committee”

A committee established to spitefully animadvert the peaceful members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN). And on the contrary to favor and cover up the Nigerian military’s merciless and brutal carnage on the IMN members launched on 12th-14th of December, 2015.

Initially, the committee as they so called was primarily established to investigate on what actually cause the clash (as they so called) between the fully armed Nigerian military and the unarmed and defenseless IMN minorities in Zaria last year, that led to the lost of lives of 1000+ IMN members, several hundreds badly injured and destruction of properties worthy millions.

It is worthy noticing that Kaduna state government boastfully orders the destruction of the movements holy sites like Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah, Fudiyya Islamic Center in Dan Magaji, the leader of the movement’s house in Gyallesu, his mother’s house and a burying ground of the movement, where martyrs are resting in peace; graves were exhumed, mosque was destroyed, and too numerous to mention. How can we then expect something like justice from the agencies of this government?

In the first instance, the committee is full of anti Shi’a-anti IMN agents, who publically smear campaigns of calumny, hatred and fabrications against IMN and it’s revered leader. With some of them written books like “Shiites and their ideology”, “Shiites and the SUFIS are twins” etc. They are even advising the government to completely ban shi’ism from this country, disallow them to possess shelter, expel their children from government schools, fire away civil workers among them, close all their schools for according to them that is where they spread their evil ideology!

Furthermore, those giving witness before the panel are mostly religious bigots, who have die-hard animosity against Shi’a. One can plainly observe the deadly jealousy and hate these bigots have against Shi’a written on their faces whenever they stand before the panel. They expert on smearing campaigns of calumny and fabrications against IMN. They mostly consider us infidels, as such they sermonize shedding our blood as a lawful act and even a Jihad.

They speak of nothing before the commission but jealously probing the attached prevarications they smeared against Shi’a. Worthless allegations like temporary marriage, insulting the companions of the prophet, successorship, the issue of prophet’s wives and too numerous to mention. For God’s sake, what is this all for? Is the committee actually established to investigate on what actually caused this inhumane massacre or to probe the allegations they for long have on their minds?

Surprisingly, the panel keeps mute while all these were happening.

The panel is for now on a break period, but will be back to duty whenever it gets someone who will present his testimony concerning the massacre. I ask then, how will this panel formulate it’s report after that they at all did not hear from those offended?

Finally, this kangaroo commission should at once stop this fruitless allegation it engages in so far and do the splendid. As the brutal Zaria massacre can neither be covered up nor wiped away from history. The world is still with the oppressed Shi’a minorities, and demand those murderers to be brought book and to serve justice to those offended!


Najeeb Umar Maigatari
Tuesday, May 10th, 2016


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