The Islamic Movement in #Nigeria (#IMN) released the updated #List of all its members that were missing in the Nigerian Army pogrom in Zaria of last December. A total of 779 members of #IMN were declared missing since the brutal #ZariaMassacre by the Nigerian Army.

Kaduna state Governor Nasir Elrufai confessed to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (#JC)I that he collected 347 corpses of Shiites from two locations from the Nigerian Army & buried them in a mass grave in Mando, more than 80KM from the scene of the crime.

If we subtract 347 that are in #Mando mass grave from 779 then the total unaccounted #IMN members that we do not know where they are #432 persons. We should ask the Nigerian President Buhari, Kaduna state Governor Elrufai & the Nigerian Army Chief Buratai where are the #432 Shia Muslims that are still unaccounted for? As it stands #432 Shiites are still unaccounted for from a total of 779 that are missing.

Were this 432 Nigerians also murdered by the Nigerian Army in the Zaria massacre like the 347 Nigerians that were wickedly buried in the Mando mass grave by Governor Elrufai or is the Nigerian regime holding them in its secret detention facilities spread across Nigeria?



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