#Tweets on the continue denial by the Nigerian army that they killed 1000 Shia Muslims & buried them in mass graves

#Tweets on the continual denial by the @HQNigerianArmy that they killed 1000 Shia Muslims & buried them in mass graves:

The @HQNigerianArmy @DefenceInfoNG authorities are deceiving themselves if they think that they can bury the #ZariaMassacre with their lies.

The @HQNigerianArmy @DefenceInfoNG had succeeded in burying the massacres they committed in the past but the #ZariaMassacre will be the last

In #ZariaMassacre the @HQNigerianArmy killed close to 1000 Shiites, burnt some of them to death & dumped their dead bodies in mass graves

The @HQNigerianArmy Chief @Buratai_COAS lied to the human rights commission when he said that “only 7 Shiites were killed” in #ZariaMassacre

And the GOC changed the number to “few bodies” were handed over to Gov @elrufai. The @HQNigerianArmy think they can bury #ZariaMassacre!

The #ZariaMassacre have been referred to the #ICC @IntlCrimCourt. The ICC should punish the criminals to serve as a lesson. @HQNigerianArmy

When the mass Graves are unearth & dugout the world will see the lies of the @HQNigerianArmy Chief @Buratai_COAS & those who gave him order.

The @HQNigerianArmy should protect all Nigerians & defend d country, & should not be killing civilians to serve foreign Saudi Wahhabi agenda

If the Saudi regime did not kill 1000 of its Shiites & bury them in mass Graves why did @HQNigerianArmy did that on behalf of Saudi regime?

And if the @HQNigerianArmy are proud of killing 1000 Shiites, why are they now trying to deny it? That means they are bloodthirsty cowards..



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