#ZariaMassacre:Seasons of security reports in Nigeria

#ZariaMassacre:Seasons of security reports in #Nigeria

■The Nigerian regime recent security report against #IMN:

-Observed the activities of IMN have recently calm except for continuing agitation for release of their leader.
-This include alleged plans of kidnapped Nigerian Army personal to use as bargaining chip for release of their leader.
-Use of cyber platforms to increase mobilization in support of the group.
-The current mobilizations efforts of the group are target at orphans, students, less privilege member of the society.
-Rhetoric espousing the gain of martyrdom are being use during gathering to manipulate their follower especially the woman & children in their ranks. -Additionaly the group has commenced as mobilization of funds through director weekly contributions of #100.00 by members with an orphanage foundation instituted in Bauchi.
-The group also to relocate its headquarters to Katsina state which increase the chances of mobilization from neighboring Niger Republic.
-Commanders at all level should continue to closely monitor the activities of the group with their AOR, COs and OC are also to prepared response to future manifestation by Islamic movement Nigeria with options including measures to deal with Women and children rioters.

■#IMN reports on plots against it to further the Saudi Wahhabi agenda in Nigeria:

-Plan to armed youths in False Flag Operations to foment violence that will later be blamed on IMN.
-They will assassinate 10 leading lights of the IMN in every zones.
-They will intensify their anti-Shia campaigns using Wahhabi clerics in all cities, towns and villages.
-They will invade the homes of leading lights of IMN under the pretext of searching for weapons and arms. They will plant weapons and arms and claimed it belongs to IMN.
-They will target assassinate leading lights of IMN on major highways and claimed it is “armed robbery”.

It is sad to see that instead of the present crop of the Nigerian leadership to concentrate on addressing and solving the monumental problems that are bedevilling Nigeria today that has exponentially increased the suffering of poor Nigerians and improverish the greater section of the Nigerian population, the Nigerian regime is hell-bent on executing the evil imperialist agenda in Nigeria that has the savage Saudi regime as front.

The questions that Nigerians should ask the Nigerian President Buhari and his civilian-military genocidal cabal include that are there no millions of Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia in places such as Madina, Najran and the entire Eastern part of Saudi Arabia? Why can’t the savage Saudi King Salman, who congratulated President Buhari for killing close to 1000 Shia Muslims in Nigeria and dumping their dead bodies in mass graves, face the rising problems of his country and leave Nigeria alone? When have brutal killings, massacres, destructions of religious sites and target assassinations become the solution to a “problem”.

Finally, the IMN leadership is unbending in its resolve to maintain peace and orderliness in all its programs and activities despite the massive onslaughter against it by the combined forces of the Wahhabi industry in Nigeria that is fully backed by the Nigerian regime. Why can’t people sit down and plan on how to sow goodness, improve the lives of the downtrodden and ease the sufferings of the poor, the homeless and the barefooted instead of planning on how to kill and destroy?

Harun Elbinawi


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