Reflections On The #ZariaMassacre By NURA KURMA KANO

Reflections On The #ZariaMassacre:


Right from the beginning of the massacre in Zaria, while the brutalities was going on, i posted that we, the Nigerian Shiites were under attack by the Nigerian Government, the entire security apparatus, and the nigerian wahabi terrorists. The scounderalism of the Nigerian Army knows no bound and it could shock the coldest of hearts and makes Changez khan’s bunch of marauders look mercifuls.

Then a kangaroo committee was set up by a state governor whose complicity in the massacre was proven beyond any doubts, and whose hands were stained by the blood of the people he gave an order to be shot by the police for daring to demand the release of our leader. In this committee, the entire people heading it are die hard Wahabists and sworn enemies of the IMN in particular, and Shi’ism in general. Some of them had called openly for the government to wipe out the ‘Shia infidels’ some had written one book or another denouncing Shiism, calling for government to do away with us. We said then, we will not expect justice from such a committee, and, to all intents and purposes, our prediction is becoming gospel true.

First of all, inspite of the admittance of the Kaduna state government that the soldiers mass-buried more than three hundreds Shiites, men, women and children, the testimony is being ignored by all and sundry. Instead, the JCI as they christened the committee, is busy concentrating about inane issues such as did the Shi’a perform Mut’a marriage, and other ridiculous accusations such as are shiites Muslims or not, so ridiculous in fact that it becomes laughable.

For, the Nigerian constitution is secular, it agreed that, every citizen could practise his religion according to its stipulations, so, since when did Nigeria become a Wahabi theocracy where only Bakrism is allowed? What is it to Nigerian government if the Shi’as are Muslims or not? What is it to them whether we practise Mutu’a marriage or not? What is it to them whether we love the Sahabas or not?

As the drama continues, we will be vindicated that a plan has been hatched to make the North a Salafi wahabi adherent at all cost. Mark my words.



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