Re:Extremism: Summit Advocates Travel Ban On Iran. Written By Nasir Ja’afar

Re: Extremism: Summit Advocates Travel Ban On Iran

-Nasir Ja’afar

I read a news article reporting on a summit that was allegedly organized by the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations on Human Rights and Interfaith Religious Organizations for Peace, with the theme: Building a Consensus against Extremism as a Catalyst for National Integration published by one of our national dailies the Vanguard about fortnight a go. The sole agenda on the summit’s table was a call for the enactment of legislation to ban a travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I’m particularly surprised that a coalition of an interfaith civil society, in its advocacy against extremism and calls for national integration of faiths will end up taking an apparent side to pick on Iran – by calling for a travel ban to the Islamic Republic, with emphasis on study travels. Equally baffling was summits claims of threat posed by Shi’ism in Nigeria, more especially following the clash between the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), a movement that includes all sects of Islam as well as Christians and the Nigerian Army. They called that government should not allow another extremist group to emerge and replace Boko Haram after a successful campaign that defeated the terrorists.

From the appearance of the positions taken by the resource persons for the summit, it is glaring that they don’t have a clue on the causes or history of terrorism in the world. And, if the authorities were to go by the advice of such a mediocre summit, another extremist organization will definitely elude the intelligence community of the country – while they concentrate on chasing a ghost created by sentiment from a summit organized by the Wahabi hunting dogs that hides in the background – thrusting moderates names from non Muslim faith that are up for the right price to do the dirty job for them.

It is a known fact that all the terrorist organizations in the world pledge their allegiance to Saudi Arabia’s Wahabi style of religious ideology. It is also a fact that 15 of the 19 world trade centre bombers were Saudi citizens. Terrorist organizations From ALQAED, ISIS, ISIL, ALNUSRA FRONT, ALSHABAB, BOKO HARAM, you name it, are all WAHABIS: the Saudi brand of Islam. It is therefore suspicious on how these resource persons turned a deaf ear to call the real spade a spade.

If the resource persons are people with current touch, they must have learnt of the killings of Shi’a when the Wahabi ISIS took over some regions of Iraq. That might have serve as a shocking reminder of the extremism and intolerance of Wahabism. Here in Nigeria too, the founding father of Boko Haram Muhammad Yusuf was a protégé of the Saudi trained Wahabi scholar; the Late Ja’far Mahmud Adam.

In contrast, not a single terrorist organization is linked to bearing Shi’ism as a faith. Even the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah that is unjustly declared as terrorist organization by Israel and United State, was only formed to resist the Israel occupation of Lebanon. Since then, their traditional enemy remains Israel – over the occupied Lebanese territory. There is no record of Hezbollah or any Shi’a based organization – sending people on a suicide mission to blow themselves in the middle of a civilian market or park full of children. That a dirty ideology can only be traced to Wahabism.
Sadly, all that eludes the so-called resource persons that spoke at the summit in question, I wonder how resourceful are the people that are completely ignorant of all those details.

Iran is a predominantly Shi’a community with a mixture of Sunni Muslims, Christian and Jewish as well as remnant of Zoroastrian population – with all of them having their places of worship unhampered. Yet there is no incident of intolerance between the majority Muslim Shi’a and Sunni minority or even the other faiths. Certainly, no one can speak of the Wahabis anywhere in the world. The recent experience of the Yazidis and Christians in Iraq when the Wahabi – ISIL/ISIS took over is but one example of their terrorism intent and intolerance. Given these facts, if the Nigerian government is to be serious in fighting radicalization of youths from becoming the next Boko Haram, then they needs to instead halt going to Saudi Arabia for studies not Iran.

The problem with the cheap sold out personalities like the ones on parade behind that summit’s communiqué is that: by taking part in civil society activism, they bring shame and degradation to the institution. You will expect ordinarily that people speaking on an issue such extremism – a topic at the centre of global security agenda, should have taken timeout to get a background idea of what it is all about. But those speaking behind that summit’s shadow beclouded by the Wahabi sentiments just don’t fit that bill. Or perhaps they are simply playing ignorance just to earn the petro-dollar coming from the middle east. I think Mr Ayokunle Fagbemi, the Executive Director, Center for Peace building and Socio- Economic Resources Development (CePSERD) and Dr. Udenta O. Udenta, a Former Director Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution should be considered for Oscar for acting so well in the Wahabi global smear campaign against Shi’ism. You cannot get a better acting anywhere. Never have I known of people that lied so well to their conscience just to lay their hands on material return.

My advice for the Wahabis that runs the show behind the scene by lunching a surging campaign against the growing Shi’a population in the Nigeria – rallying in the background of the clash between the IMN and the Nigerian Army is; they needs to wake up and understand that for a matter of fact they cannot stop the spread of Shi’a faith ever. Today, people are embracing Shi’a as a safe choice of reason against the extremist intolerance and terrorism of Wahabism. Thanks to the power of social media, people the world over are in the picture of the truth. The religious behaviors of the monarchical Saudi Arabia which in effect suggests sharing the same ideology with ISIS, Alnusra Front and all other terrorist organizations is in full view of the world. So also their believe in deplorable doctrine of cannibalism: that a man can slaughter and eat his wife to stay safe from hunger. People will not give up reason to embrace such barbarism no matter how hard the Fagbemi and the Udenta and their sponsors tried.


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