Re:Army/Shiite Clash:HURIWA Faults Amnesty International On Probe

Re:Army/Shiites Clash: HURIWA Faults Amnesty International On Probe

My attention was drawn to the above news item with the above caption that “faults” Amnesty International on it recent call that the mass grave recently disclosed by the officials of the Kaduna state government be protected and safeguarded. The call by the London-based global rights forum – Amnesty International has received wide support from all human rights organizations and civil society organizations the world over.

I was shocked when I saw faceless and non-existent groups that goes with the acronyms “HURIWA” and “AFRIRIGHT” condemning the popular demand of Amnesty International. I am absolutely sure that one can not find fifty (50) Nigerians that have heard of these faceless groups before their recent press conference in Abuja.

Since after the brutal #ZariaMassacre by the Nigerian Army that killed close to 1000 defenseless and unarmed #Shia_Muslims, the Nigerian Army Chief Buratai and his Saudi sponsors via the Saudi Embassy in Nigeria have been sponsoring faceless groups to launch massive smear campaign of calumny and demonization against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky, Shia Islam and Iran. These faceless groups had tried with woeful failures to link the peaceful IMN to terrorism so as to partly justify the brutal massacre of close to 1000 defenseless Nigerians. This parade of shame tagged “press statement” is a last ditch effort by the fast drowning Gen. Buratai to save his job amid growing calls for his resignation.

But for the sake of intellectual discuss and setting records straight I will address the points raised by these sponsored groups. Their first attack was against the Kaduna state Governor Nasir Elrufai who sent his officials to make that confession to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) that shocked the world: “El Ruffai is stoking the embers of hatred and incitement of gullible Nigerians against the Nigerian Army by juggling and bandying unsubstantiated and a politically inflated number of casualties of the Shiites/Army clash without any shred of scientifically provable evidence to back up such sensationally high number.”

I will not join issues with them for castigating Governor Elrufai as he was one of them from the beginning and he later “betrayed” them to save his neck by confessing to the whole world of the part he played in burying 347 Nigerians that included women and children that were brutally killed by the Nigerian Army in a single mass grave. But I will join issues with them for insulting Justice – seeking Nigerians as “gullible” for the real gullible are those who saw facts and truth and trampled on them!

Their next drunken tirade against Governor Elrufai underlined the deep division that has emerged in the civilian-military alliance that masterminded and brutally executed the Zaria massacre: “We suspect that the jostling for who runs for presidency in 2019 general elections may be the ultimate reason for this sensationalism from the officials affiliated to the office of the Kaduna State governor who may have issued that figure before the Kaduna State judicial probe panel to rubbish any human rights record the current President may flaunt or advertise whether now or in the nearest future within and outside of our shores. The target is President Muhammadu Buhari.”

As Nigerians will say it “that one na their palava”, let them wash their dirty laundry in the market place. This is just the beginning of their ignoble end and eventual humiliation, the blood of the close to 1000 men, women, children and the aged that they brutally killed in the Zaria massacre will haunt them forever.

Then finally the faceless sponsored groups unmasked their ugly faces:“Nigerians should disregard the hasty conclusions already drawn by the London based global rights forum- Amnesty International which had called for a probe on the high figure of casualties even when it is a known logical fact that both the panels set up on that sad Shiites/Army clash are yet to wind up the exercises nor have they issued their respective reports of their investigative activities.”

They are frightened by the call for an independent and impartial probe because they want their war crimes buried just like how they buried those they mercilessly killed, burnt alive and buried alive. For their information the 347 figure is less than half the number of those missing since after the Zaria massacre and there are credible information that atleast one more mass grave exist as a result of the Zaria massacre.

Finally, the Zaria massacre was undoubtedly a heinous war crime that can never be buried by anyone. Nigerians were brutally slaughtered in the most inhuman manner and wickedly dumped in mass Graves by the bloodthirsty war criminals at night to bury the evidences.

Harun Elbinawi


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