#Zaria_Massacre:Decision by #IMN to boycott the kangaroo commission right & correct

#Zaria_Massacre:Decision by #IMN to boycott the kangaroo commission right & correct:

The kangaroo Judicial Commission of Inquiry that was set up by the Kaduna state government to investigate the brutal #Zaria_Massacre started its sitting today without participation of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria ( IMN ). The IMN had decided to boycott that kangaroo commission that was created to justify the Brutal slaughter of 1000 defenseless & unarmed Nigerians in Zaria by the Nigerian Army.

It is important to note that those who masterminded and executed the brutal slaughter of 1000 men, women, #children and the aged in Zaria are the same people who created and constituted that kangaroo commission. Where in the world has a murderer preside over his own case of murder! These wicked and evil people murdered 1000 defenseless & unarmed Nigerian civilians and they now want to preside over the case!!!!

The IMN will only participate in a credible, independent and impartial Commission that is populated by credible Nigerians and Human Rights activists. But the kangaroo commission that is populated by die-hard Wahhabis who have #ShiaGenocide as a Global agenda and retired military officers who have vested interest to protect their compromised institution with never do justice to the victims of the Zaria massacre.

The media aid to the leading opposition party in Nigeria recently in a Tweet described the Nigerian President #Buhari as an Animal for boasting on National Television of killing 1000 defenseless & unarmed Shia Muslims. To my understanding that is an understament, the masterminds and executors of the brutal Zaria massacre are worst than Animals. To equate these bloodthirsty war criminals with Animals is a degradation of the position of Animals as creatures created by God.

The silence of the so-called international community to the brutal slaughter of 1000 civilians in just two days is a big shame to the cause of humanity, justice and human rights. Yet these Western powers that arroganted to themselves the position of “international community” layed claim to be the flagbearers of #Human_Rights. Which violations of human rights is worst than for a wicked and inhuman bloodthirsty tyrant to unleashed heavily-armed soldiers on defenseless & unarmed civilians?

But we are students of history and the Truth of the brutal #Zaria_Massacre will be unmasked one day for all to see. And the mass graves where the Nigerian tyrant buried the victims of the Zaria massacre will be unearth and the remains of the Martyrs return to their families for proper Islamic burial.

Harun Elbinawi


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