#Zaria_Massacre:Response to the interview of the Nigerian Defense Minister Mansur Dan Ali with SaharaTV

#Zaria_Massacre:Response to the interview of the Nigerian Defense Minister Mansur Dan Ali with SaharaTV

“You do not fight ideas with weapons, you fight ideas with ideas. But when you are talking about dealing with your own people, you are not fighting a general war, so you use minimum force……..”

__ Col.Jafaru Isa (rtd).

Col. Jafaru Isa (rtd) made this statement in an interview with #Tell magazine in 1996 when he was the military administrator of Kaduna State. He made this statement when he was asked on how to deal with Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky. Col. Jafaru Isa ( rtd ) is still alive and living in Kano, he will attest that this interview took place.

An American Journalist today sent me a link to a video of an interview that the #SaharaTV conducted with the Nigerian Defense Minister Mansur Dan Ali who accompanied Nigerian President Buhari to Washington for the nuclear energy summit. The American Journalist want me to write a response to the reaction of the Nigerian Defense Minister on the brutal Zaria massacre that killed close to 1000 defenseless & unarmed #Shia_Muslims in Zaria last December.

First the Nigerian Defense Minister lied when he said that the massacre only “lasted overnight” and that “in the morning the whole thing was cleared.” The Zaria massacre lasted for three days of inhuman savagery and killings by the Nigerian Army and saw the kidnapping of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Zakzaky, who was brutalized and held in secret detention for an extended period of time. Sheikh Zakzaky is still held in detention incommunicado and has been denied access to his lawyers by the Nigerian government.

The Nigerian Defense Minister claimed that “the Shiites instigated the altercation by blocking the road for the Nigerian Army Chief”. The Nigerian Defense Minister did not repeat the fraudulent allegations that #IMN wanted to assassinate the Army Chief and he also failed to disclose what lead to the protest of IMN youths in the first place. And if we may ask Mr. Dan Ali “Is the punishment of road blockage violent death under the Nigerian constitution?” And after clearing the road why attacked and destroyed the iconic Zaria #Husseiniyya, the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky and the grave yard of IMN?

Mr. Dan Ali told the SaharaTV correspondent that “if I comment [on the Shiite massacre] it is going outside the bound” of the judicial inquiry and that he did not want to influence that process. This is sheer hypocrisy as the so-called Judicial Commission of Inquiry is a staged – managed kangaroo commission that was instituted by the Kaduna state Governor Elrufai and populated by die-hard Wahhabis who have #ShiaGenocide as a Global agenda with the sole purpose to justify the brutal slaughter of close to 1000 defenseless & unarmed Nigerians by the Nigerian Army. This same Elrufai was the one that made a state-wide broadcast attacking the Islamic Movement in Nigeria ( IMN ) and blaming it of all that happened. The same Elrufai destroyed all the physical evidences of the brutal Zaria massacre and evacuated all the rubbles.

The SaharaTV correspondent asked the Nigerian Defense Minister to reconfirm if he was confident that the use of force by the Nigerian military did not extend beyond the initial Saturday, Mr. Dan Ali said “it did not.” The correspondent was visibly shocked on this response by the Nigerian Defense Minister but Nigerians will not be shocked with the lies of Mr. Dan Ali as the present crop of Nigerian leaders are notorious in lying to Nigerians and they are not even ashame of it. The same way that the Nigerian Army Chief Buratai lied to the Nigerian Human Rights Commission ( NHRC ) in his presentation that “only 7 Shiites were killed” while a mother lost her 7 loved ones in the massacre.

The Nigerian Defense Minister evaded two questions asked by the SaharaTV correspondent;the first one was the question of who ordered the shooting of civilians by the Nigerian Army? The second question was on the destruction of several IMN buildings and religious sites by the Nigerian military. The Nigerian Defense Minister deliberately evaded these questions as answering them will nullify all his false claims and lies. Answering these question will confirm that the brutal Zaria massacre was a calculated & pre-planned attacks on defenseless & unarmed Nigerian civilians by the Nigerian government to serve the evil Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi agenda in Nigeria.

Finally, the present Nigerian leaders should understand that the Zaria massacre will not just be washed away as they had hoped. The world today is a Global village and such brutal massacre of civilians can not just be buried by burying the victims in mass graves to bury the evidences. No tyrant and oppressor in history has ever succeeded in burying a war crime and Nigerian President Buhari will never be an exception to this rule. One day, God willing, the dead bodies will be unearth and return to their families for proper Islamic burial.

Harun Elbinawi


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